10 Best Harnesses for a Boxer in 2021

Searching for the best harness for your boxer? With so many options out there, you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed. However, the decision process is easy once you understand all of the different types of harnesses available – and how they can make your life and your dog’s life much easier.

Best Value

Sporn Mesh

  • Comfortable for your pup
  • Gives you control

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Overall Best

Kurgo TruFit

  • Versatile design
  • Tested for car safety

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Best No Pull

Frisco Padded

  • Made with nylon
  • Multiple colors and sizes

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Before diving into the different types of harnesses suitable for boxers, it is important to bear in mind that there is not necessarily one best harness for boxers. Like humans, all dogs are different! They have different lifestyles, behavior patterns, and development needs – and they should have a harness that enhances rather than restricts their life.

To help you on your journey of finding the perfect harness, here is a closer look at eight different types of harnesses for boxers, what considerations you should make when choosing the right one for your dog, and the top ten harnesses available to purchase.

8 Different Types of Harnesses for Boxers

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  • Front Clip. A front-clip style harness for a boxer is simply a harness with a lead clip located near the front, typically on your dog’s chest. Front clip harnesses are often preferred by dog trainers due to the fact that they help to reduce how much a dog can pull or lunge forward while being lead on a leash. Front clips are also great for younger boxer puppies in training, as they give pet owners more control over their dog’s movements.
  • Back Clip. A back-clip harness is one of the most basic types of harnesses. However, instead of a clip on the dog’s chest (like a front clip style harness mentioned previously), a back-clip harness simply has a clip on the back of the harness, typically near the back of your boxer’s neck. This type of harness works great for boxers who are well behaved and do not tend to pull on their leash. However, for dogs who tend to pull, back clip harnesses can often cause strain on the neck and chest.
  • No Pull. A no pull dog harness is designed to help prevent your boxer from pulling, lunging, or jumping forward while they are on a leash. The leash clip on a no pull harness is always located at the front near your boxer’s chest. However, in some cases, no pull harnesses can also have a ring or clip on the back for the sake of versatility. It is also quite common for no pull harnesses to have lots of cushioning and support to prevent your pup from chafing.
  • Car Safety. Some harnesses are designed and tested to ensure the safety of your dog – and this style often comes at a price premium. If your boxer accompanies you in your car frequently, you will definitely want to consider purchasing a harness that was made to be used in the vehicle. However, if you do not transport your dog with a vehicle, this type of harness may not be necessary.
  • A headcollar harness is a type of harness that incorporates a nose loop that rests gently underneath your boxer’s eyes and wraps around their jaw. When wearing this type of harness, your boxer can still drink, eat, and bark comfortably. The nose loop simply helps to safely redirect your strong-willed pups without harming them or putting unnecessary painful pressure on their neck.
  • Handicapped Support. A handicapped support harness for your boxer can come in a variety of styles and configurations. However, their intended purpose is always the same: to support pups who may be weak due to old age or recovering from an injury. One common type of handicapped support harness simply wraps around your boxer’s chest and belly to support their back. Other types of handicap harnesses wrap around the rear of your boxer to provide support to the hind legs.
  • Step-in. A step-in style harness is perfect for dogs who are too anxious or playful to have a harness placed over their heads. The step-in style allows your boxer to simply ‘step’ into the harness using their front legs first. Then, you can gently fasten the harness for them on their back without needing to place anything around or near their head.
  • Dual clip. Dual clip harnesses simply incorporate both a front and a back clip for attaching a leash. This type of harness is perfect for younger boxers, as it allows you to use the front clip for training purposes and then transition to a back clip once your pup is ready. Another great perk of a dual clip harness is that they can often be used in conjunction with a vehicle buckle system, helping you keep your pup safe on the road.

6 Key Considerations when Looking for the Right Harness for your Boxer

  • One of the most basic considerations you should make when looking for the right harness for your boxer is your pup’s age. Are they older, and potentially temperamental? Or, are they younger and in need of a bit of training? Knowing where your boxer is at developmentally can influence the type of harness you need to purchase, so make sure to think about this before making a purchase.
  • Size and weight. Another basic consideration is your boxer’s size and weight, as this is important information to know when choosing the right harness. Before making a purchase, it’s a good idea to go ahead and measure and weigh them. You may already have this information from a previous vet visit; however, your dog’s weight may have changed since then due to their age or lifestyle.
  •  Lifestyle and activities. Another thing to consider when choosing the right harness is your dog’s lifestyle. Do you frequently take them in your car for the day to go walking, hiking, or to run errands? Do they primarily stay inside except for walks? When you’re out of the home, are they often around other dogs or people? These factors can definitely influence which harness you should choose!
  • How your dog behaves, especially while out on walks, is another critical consideration to make. Dogs who are frequently distracted, stressed, or aggressive when encountering other animals or people may need a no pull harness that allows you to have more control over them. However, if your boxer is well trained and easy-going, you may not need a harness with a lot of ‘extra’ features.
  • Your dog, especially if you raise them from a puppy, will obviously grow and change over time. That’s why it is always worth considering a harness’ capacity for adjustability. If you have a puppy, you may want to purchase a harness that safely gives your pup some room to grow. Or, if you know that your adult boxer tends to gain weight during the winter months, you will want to factor this into your buying process.
  • Easy of use. Do multiple people walk your dog in any given week? Or, do you have young children who are learning how to walk the family pet? If so, you definitely want to take this into consideration before purchasing a harness. If a harness is too complicated for either your child or a dog walker, they may attach it incorrectly which can put your boxer at risk. However, if you or your trainer are the only individuals likely to walk your dog, then you have a bit more flexibility when choosing a suitable harness for your pup.

Overall Best Harnesses for a Boxer Reviewed

Kurgo Tru Fit Smart Harness with Steel Nesting Buckles

Key Features:

  • Functions as a harness for both walking and riding in a vehicle
  • Five adjustment points
  • Chest pad, which can help to reduce stress on trachea and sternum
  • Suitable for adult dogs, 50-75 pounds
  • Dual clip (front and back)
  • Carabiner and dog seat belt loop included
  • All steel buckle system

Best Overall – This Kurgo Tru Fit Smart Harness is one of the very best harnesses that you can purchase for your boxer. Suitable for both walking and riding in a car, this harness allows even the most active and busy boxer maximum flexibility. Its steel buckle system has 5 adjustment points, enabling this harness to fit most adult boxers of any size. Not only that, but it also has both front and back clips, eliminating the need to swap between two different styles of harnesses.

In addition to its highly adjustable fit, this harness’ chest pad and straps are both super comfortable for your pup – which makes all the difference during the acclimation and training process. Available to purchase for just over $30, this harness is more than worth the price given its versatility, comfort and safety.


  • Versatile dual clip system
  • Comfortable chest pad and straps
  • Highly customizable and adjustable to your dog’s exact size and weight
  • Suitable for both walking and riding in a car
  • Crash tested


  • More expensive than other basic options

Sporn Mesh No Pull Dog Harness

Key Features:

  • Patented system that ‘gives’ and adjusts to natural movements
  • Padded restraint sleeves
  • Elastic mesh chest piece
  • Suitable for adult dogs, 50-200 pounds
  • Back clip only

Best Value – The Sporn Mesh No Pull Dog Harness is a harness specifically designed for dogs who tend to pull. Its design is veterinarian approved and patented, meaning that this really is the best option for curbing and preventing your boxer from choking while walking. Its mesh chest piece is not only comfortable for your dog, but it is also flexible and ‘gives’ with each movement.

Priced at just over $10, this harness is a no-brainer for boxers, particularly boxer puppies, who are stubborn and like to take charge while on the lead. However, do note that this harness is only intended to be used while walking. That means that it is not safe or approved for use while riding in a car.


  • Very reasonably priced
  • Helps boxers who tend to pull at the lead
  • Made with comfortable, high-quality, and flexible materials
  • Only one piece, making it easy to take on and off
  • Veterinarian approved


  • Not designed for use as a car harness
  • Back clip only

Frisco Padded Nylon No Pull Dog Harness

Key Features:

  • Back and front clips
  • Padded mesh chest piece
  • Nylon webbing to help with durability
  • Suitable for adult dogs with a chest girth of 22-34 inches
  • Adjustable shoulder and belly straps

Best No Pull – The Frisco Padded Nylon No Pull Dog Harness is the perfect harness for dogs and puppies who struggle with pulling while on their lead. It is made of comfy, yet durable materials that help to prevent your boxer from choking while gently redirecting them to stay on track.

Equipped with both a back and front clip, this harness is versatile and can adapt as your pup’s habits change. Additionally, this harness’ adjustable slides (located on the belly and shoulder straps) give you the ability to easily modify its size when your boxer grows and changes. Priced at just under $15.00, this is a great option for growing pups in training or those who need the flexibility of both a front and back clip.


  • Dual clip
  • Comfy and durable materials
  • Easy to adjust as your boxer grows
  • Allows you to safely correct and train boxers who pull
  • Easy to take on and off
  • Multiple colors and sizes available


  • Not safe to be used as a tie out

PetSafe Easy Walk Dog Harness

Key Features:

  • Front clip only
  • Martingale loop system on chest
  • Unique color system for easy attachment
  • 4 adjustable points for a custom fit
  • Waterproof

Best Front Clip – The PetSafe Easy Walk Dog Harness is the ideal option for your boxer who needs a no pull, front clip harness. This harness allows you to attach your lead to a spot near your dog’s chest, making it super easy to steer, train, and guide your boxer on your next walk.

While other harnesses out there can be super confusing to attach and manage, this harness has a unique complementary color system that makes it easy to find and attach the quick-snap buckles. Additionally, this harness features a martingale loop system on the chest, helping to prevent the harness from twisting and becoming uncomfortable. Priced just over $20, this harness is a great price given its style, comfort, and versatility.


  • Adjustable to suit your boxer’s exact size
  • Easy for owners to use
  • Waterproof and suitable for rainy weather
  • Attachment near your dog’s chest to prevent them from pulling
  • Multiple color options to suit your boxer’s style


  • Not intended to be used while riding in a car

6 Other Top-Rated Boxer Harnesses

Kurgo Journey Air Polyester Reflective No Pull Dog Harness

The Journey Air Harness by Kurgo is another top-rated harness, and it is a perfect choice for boxers with a more active lifestyle. The harness’ deep V-neck design combined with its breathable polyester material keeps your pup both comfy and cool while on walks, runs, and hikes.

What really sets this harness apart from the others though is its reflective trim, which can help keep your boxer safe and seen when it’s dark outside. Another great feature of this harness is that it has both a front and back clip, so it can easily function as a no-pull harness for boxers in training. Additionally, its four different adjustment points allow it to grow and change with your boxer as they age.

Frisco Small Breed Soft Vest Step In Back Clip Dog Harness

The Frisco Small Breed Soft Vest is a great harness option for smaller boxer pups with a chest girth of up to 15 inches. What makes this harness perfect for younger boxers is its easy ‘step-in’ vest design, which simplifies the process of getting your pup in and out of the harness.

Similar to Kurgo’s Journey Air Harness, this harness also has reflective bands that are sewn into the vest in four different places. This harness also comes with two D-ring-style rings on the back of the vest, making it perfect for basic walks and adventures outside of the home.

PetSafe Gentle Leader Nylon Dog Headcollar

This harness by PetSafe is another option for your boxer who may tend to pull, lunge, or bark while out on walks. Featuring a padded nose loop and a neck strap, this harness helps you to control your boxer’s behavior in a safe and comfortable way. Also waterproof, you won’t have to worry about getting caught in the rain while using this harness with your pup.

Another great feature of this harness is the fact that there are multiple colors and sizes available, making it a suitable option for boxers of all ages and personalities!

Mighty Paw Padded Sports Reflective No Pull Dog Harness

This padded no pull harness from Mighty Paw features both a front and back clip, allowing you to choose the best leash attachment option for your boxer for any given situation. For younger pups in training, you can simply use the front clip so that you have more control over your pup’s movements. Or, if you’re taking them for a run, you can easily switch to the back clip to give your boxer the freedom they need.

Made from premium materials, this harness is weather-proof, durable, and built to last. Not only that, but the vest design strikes the perfect balance between giving you a good amount of control without being too restrictive on your boxer’s natural movements.

Chai’s Choice 3M Polyester Reflective Front Clip Dog Harness

This harness from Chai’s choice is a super stylish option that comes in 9 fun colors to choose from. Made with a lightweight mesh padding, this harness is super comfortable for your boxer while also helping to reduce strain on their neck.

In terms of clips, there is an O-ring on the chest part of this vest, making it easy to train your boxer from pulling or lunging forward while walking. Additionally, there is also a handle on the top of the harness that can be used for a lead or a car buckle.

Best Pet Supplies Voyager Black Trim Mesh Dog Harness

Also making the list is the Voyager Black Trip Mesh Dog Harness from Best Pet Supplies. Priced at around $10, this harness is perfect for those on a tight budget! Some of the key features of this harness include its ‘step-in’ style design, 2 D-rings located on the back of the harness, and its breathable mesh fabric which is perfect for warmer temperatures. This basic harness is also easily adjustable – just in case your adult boxer grows or changes weight over time.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the best harness for a boxer that pulls? For boxers who pull, it is highly recommended to purchase a harness marketed as a ‘no pull’ harness. These harnesses typically have a clip in the front, which is oftentimes near your dog’s chest. This makes guiding and controlling your dog much easier – for both you and your pup. No pull harnesses are always designed with your dog’s best interest and comfort in mind, so don’t worry about the safety of no pull harnesses.
  2. Is there anything I can do to help my dog adjust to his/her harness? If you are concerned about your boxer adjusting to a new harness, there are several things that you can do to ease their stress. For starters, try letting them smell the harness so that they can get to know it. Next, fit the harness on their body, always making sure that it fits comfortably and isn’t too tight. If they welcome the harness, you can then give them a treat for being brave and trying something new. If you are dealing with a pup who whines or squirms each time they are exposed to their harness, try using distraction methods to take their mind off of this new stressor. Once they’ve calmed down, you can then reward them with affection or a treat.
  3. How do I measure my boxer? If you’re not quite sure what size of harness to purchase for your boxer, simply measure them! All you need is a bit of patience and a flexible measuring tape. To begin, take a measurement of your boxer’s chest, right behind their armpits – this is your dog’s girth. If you have a large enough scale, you can then get your dog’s weight. Once you have both their weight and girth, you have all the information you need to know what size of harness to purchase for them. However, always bear in mind that your boxer’s harness should never be too tight. When in doubt, always go up a size to make sure that your harness fits comfortably around your boxer.
  4. What is the best type of harness for a puppy? If you’ve just welcomed a new boxer puppy into your home, you will definitely want to consider buying a front clip or dual clip harness for them. These harnesses help to ensure proper training as your pup learns how to go on walks. Additionally, front clip harnesses can also provide extra support for your boxer in the event that they are exposed to other animals, people, and distractions outside of the home. In terms of size, it is recommended to purchase a harness that your dog can grow into since boxer pups can grow and gain weight relatively quickly. Most harnesses have easily adjustable straps, and the more adjustable ‘points’, the easier it will be to customize the harness as your boxer ages into adulthood.
  5. What is the best type of harness for an aging boxer? Older dogs may not be as active as younger dogs, but they still need a harness for the occasional walk or stroll to the park. For older dogs, it is extra important to find a harness that has a padded and comfortable fit, is made from a breathable material, and will not agitate or rub up against your older pup’s sensitive skin. Additionally, you should also take your aging dog’s temperament and personality into consideration as well. As boxers age, sometimes they become more aggressive or intolerant of other dogs that they meet on the street. In these cases, it might be wise to purchase a harness with a front clip and even a nose loop to keep them under control – even if they’ve never needed a no pull harness before in their younger years.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, only you will know the behavior patterns, temperament, and exact needs of your boxer. And while there are a ton of great harness options out there, there is only one perfect one for your pup.

Before making a purchase (and to prevent ordering the wrong harness for your boxer), you should make sure that you know the following information:

  1. Your boxer’s height, weight, and girth – to ensure that you choose the right size.
  2. Your boxer’s behavior patterns and temperament – to help you choose between a no pull harness vs. a standard back clip harness.
  3. Your boxer’s age – to help you choose a harness that’s right for your dog’s development. For example, a training harness for a pup or a handicap harness for an aging dog.
  4. Your boxer’s lifestyle – to make sure that you purchase a harness that is safe and suitable for traveling in a vehicle.

Once you know the above information, finding the perfect harness for your boxer is a breeze!


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