Kate Barrington

Kate Barrington holds a Bachelor’s degree in English and is the published author of several self-help books and nutrition guides. Also an avid dog lover and adoring owner of three cats, Kate’s love for animals has led her to a successful career as a freelance writer specializing in pet care and nutrition. Kate holds a certificate in fitness nutrition and enjoys writing about health and wellness trends — she also enjoys crafting original recipes. In addition to her work as a ghostwriter and author, Kate is also a blogger for a number of organic and natural food companies as well as a columnist for several pet magazines.

9 Best Waterless Cat Shampoos in 2021

Cats a notorious for hating water, so the thought of giving your cat a bath might sound less than appealing. While the process of containing your cat in the sink or tub for a traditional bath is certainly challenging, it isn’t the only option. If you’re looking for a cat shampoo substitute that enables you …

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9 Best Cat Shampoo for Ringworm in 2021

When you first bring home a new kitten, you find yourself going to the vet every couple of weeks for different vaccinations. In addition to having your kitten vaccinated, you’re probably going to need to have him de-wormed – especially if you adopted him from a shelter. Worms are one of the least pleasant things …

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9 Best Flea and Tick Cat Shampoos in 2021

Where there’s one flea, there’s likely to be more and it doesn’t take long for a few fleas to turn into a full-blown infestation. Fleas may not carry disease, but they can become quite a nuisance and there’s always the risk that your cat could have a negative reaction or develop a secondary infection. Ticks …

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