12 Best Brushes for an Australian Shepherd

Very few dog enthusiasts would disagree with the statement that an Australian shepherd is one of the loveliest of all dogs. Unfortunately, however, they do have a tendency to shed a fair amount of hair.

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These dogs are also affected by seasonal changes more than many other breeds, which means that failing to brush them fairly often will result in matted fur, tangles, and a mess around your home. All of these problems can be addressed if you regularly use the best brush for an Australian shepherd.

In the rest of this guide we will examine some of the top brush types for this type of dog, and then choose what is, according to our criteria, the best brush for an Australian shepherd. In the process, you will learn a lot about your four-legged friend’s coat and why some brushes are better for a specific type of dog and a specific purpose than others.

Eight different types of brushes for Australian Shepherds

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  • Combs are excellent for finishing off your Australian shepherd’s brushing routine. The even, sturdy teeth of a good comb will separate and fluff the dog’s fur. These dogs are quite thick-coated, and a comb will ensure it doesn’t end up looking weighed down or messy. Combs are also useful for knots and small tangles, both of which are quite common in coarser parts of an Australian shepherd’s coat.
  • Slicker brushes are always a good option for long-haired dogs such as the Australian shepherd. These brushes will make it easy to get rid of tangles before they can become too much of a bother. They will also help to get rid of the shredded hair that could otherwise land up on your clothes, carpet or furniture.
  • A brush for de-shedding your Australian shepherd. Although there are many different kinds of grooming brushes on the market, the best type of brush for shedding is typically rectangular with fine metal bristles. These brushes are able to penetrate right to the animal’s undercoat to safely get rid of dead hairs.
  • Bristle brushes. As the name implies, these are tightly-packed brushes with bristles. They make it easy to remove excess hair from the skin’s surface. Since they do not harm the Australian shepherd’s skin in any way, one can press a bit more firmly when using one of them They also provide a good change of pace brushing tool.
  • A pin brush is no doubt one of the most versatile brushes on the market. It is oval-shaped and (similar to most human brushes) features loosely-spaces rows of pins. This type of brush is useful to remove mats and dead fur from your Australian shepherd’s coat. There’s no need to worry that you will scratch the dog with a pin brush – in fact, to the Australian shepherd it will probably feel like a nice massage!
  • Rake brushes. While it’s not difficult to deal with surface shedding by using bristle or pin brushes, undercoat rake brushes can go a lot deeper. This type of brush looks a bit like a razor because it features teeth that typically curve at the end. The teeth are normally fairly deep, so they can penetrate the exterior layer of your dog’s coat.
  • A pet grooming glove is one of the best daily grooming brushes for long-haired dogs like the Australian shepherd. Not only is it good for de-shedding, but also for untangling and loosening all those nasty thick clots of hair. The shedding hair sticks to the glove, which makes it very easy to peel off and discard.
  • A blade-type brush is a good option for when you want to remove thick mats, stubborn knots, and unwanted hair from your Australian shepherd. This type of brush also combs hard-to-reach areas such as the neckline, around the ears and the legs. There is no need to worry that it will scratch or cut the surface of the dog’s skin.

6 Key Considerations When Looking for the Right Brush for your Australian Shepherd

Before deciding which type of brush to use for your Australian shepherd at any given time, take into account the following factors:

  • Whether it’s shedding season or not. Australian shepherds do shed throughout the year, but during springtime it’s particularly bad because that’s when they get rid of of their winter coat. This is when you need a brush that is specifically meant to deal with de-shedding, e.g. a slicker or an undercoat de-shedding brush.
  • Does your Australian shepherd have access to the great outdoors? This type of dog is renowned for its love of roaming outside, so it’s not uncommon for them to be covered in burrs, mud, or other debris. In this case, use a brush with bristles that can get rid of dirt while encouraging a healthy shine on the dog’s topcoat.
  • Regular brush or emergency intervention? For the dog’s regular (preferably daily) brush, choose something like a comb or a pet-grooming glove. This guides the dog’s fur so it lays in the right direction and ensures that it is free from small tangles and knots. Periodically, however, you will need something that penetrates deeper and gets rid of dead hair and loose fur such as a rake brush.
  • The age of the dog. If your Australian shepherd is getting older, he or she will need regular grooming with a brush that can remove all those nasty tangles and surface hair. An undercoat rake brush is a good option for these situations.
  • Long coat or short coat? Most Australian shepherds have long coats, but there are breeds that have medium or short coats. For a long coat, a slicker brush is a good choice. The fine bristles are ideal for ensuring that the long, flowing fur remains in a shiny condition. If your dog has shorter hair, bristle brushes are a good option. Their tightly-packed clusters of natural bristles will stimulate the skin and remove loose hair.
  • General condition of your Australian shepherd’s coat. If for some or other reason your Australian shepherd hasn’t been brushed for quite a while, his or her coat will probably have quite a few tangles and mats, and it might look dull and unhealthy. In this case, you need something like a slicker or a blade brush.

Overall Best Brushes for Australian Shepherd

Here is how the top Australian Shepherd brushes fared when we pitted them against each other:

FURminator deShedding Edge Dog Brush

Key features:

  • Tailor-made for dogs to help you easily groom your canine friend
  • The de-shedding edge (made from stainless steel) is able to reach deep beneath your Australian shepherd’s topcoat to remove loose hair and undercoat
  • With regular use shedding of long hair can be cut by up to 90 percent.
  • The specially designed handle fits easily into one’s hand, and the curved edge follows your dog’s shape to take the discomfort out of grooming
  • This product was designed by a groomer using patented technologies

Best overall – Shedding is a natural phenomenon and if you own an Australian shepherd you will always have to deal with it. But there is no need to be perpetually scrubbing hair off the floor and vacuuming. The Furminator De-shedding Tool can cut down shedding by as much as 90 percent. It also protects the dog’s skin and stimulates natural oil production In the process it will help your dog to have a shiny and healthy coat. The special skin guard slides smoothly over the skin, in the process preventing digging in at the edges.

This is not the type of de-shedding tool you will find at every second manufacturer – the technologies have been patented.


  • Made from extremely durable stainless steel
  • The ergonomic handle makes grooming sessions easy on both the dog and the owner
  • No chance of accidentally scratching your Australian shepherd’s skin
  • Hair shedding can be reduced by as much as 90 percent
  • Available in different sizes and for long- and short-haired dogs


  • Never use this product on a wet dog, the brush will merely tip and tug at the coat
  • If your dog is only used to a grooming glove, he or she might take time to get used to the Furminator

Hartz Groomer’s Best Combo Dog Brush

Key features:

  • Features twin brushes and therefore offers two grooming actions in one
  • One side has stainless steel tips with a protective coating to de-tangle coat and remove loose hair
  • The other side has dense nylon bristles that help to distribute the skin’s natural oils
  • Ergonomic handle that takes most of the effort out of grooming your canine friend
  • Developed in partnership with professional groomers

Best Combo Brush – Pet owners are often used to countless wispy strands clinging to everything from clothing to carpets. If you are one of those Australian shepherd owners who feel that your canine friend is losing its fur faster than you can keep up with, it’s time for a change.

The Hartz Groomer’s Best Combo Brush was developed in partnership with professional groomers. The one side boasts fine stainless steel tips offering a protective coating. It gently but effectively grabs excess fur and loose hair while at the same time removing mats and de-tangling the fur.

On the other side, there are dense bristles that help to distribute the natural oils found on your dog’s skin more evenly, thus helping to keep his or her coat shiny and healthy.


  • Works well to de-tangle fur
  • Even dogs who are usually not fond of grooming seem to love this brush
  • Works particularly well on long-haired Australian Shepherds
  • Helps your dog to retain a healthy and shiny skin


  • Although it worked fine on our Australian shepherd, some owners feel it might work better at de-tangling fur than removing loose hair

Chris Christensen Long Pin Slicker Brush

Key features:

  • Features no less than 40 percent more pins than what you will find on Big K brushes
  • Works through dense fur to penetrate right to the root
  • Used to shape and fluff toplines, heads, and legs
  • Able to combat tough mats and tangles
  • Can remove undesirable thick undercoat

Slicker Brush – This brush features long pins that enable it to penetrate deep into longer coats. The special pin bend allows it to create more movement and lift, and to pick up more coat. The flexible cushion is soft to the touch, and the extra-long ergonomic handle was specially designed to reduce hand and arm fatigue.

Since it deals particularly well with really tough mats and tangles, this is a good choice if your Australian Shepherd hasn’t had a brush for quite a while and its fur is heavily tangled and matted.


  • Works very well with long-haired Australian shepherds
  • Significantly reduces the time it takes to brush these dogs
  • Helps to make the dog’s coat very fluffy and soft
  • Lightweight and easy to hold


  • Do not use this brush when the dog it wet
  • Some owners report the handles broke during use. This might have been because of forcing the brush when it got stuck

Mr. Peanut’s Hand Gloves Dog & Cat Grooming & De-shedding Aid

Key Features:

  • Suitable for both long and short-haired Australian shepherds
  • The rubber tips are soft and cover the palms of both your hands for maximum comfort
  • Designed to easily collect loose hair and fur from your dog
  • This product comes with a fuzzy fastener that can be adjusted to fit most people’s hands

Best De-Shedding Brush – Mr. Peanut’s Hand Gloves are made with soft rubber tips and flexible mesh to undo mats and tangles and help lift dirt. Your Australian shepherd might find other grooming tools intimidating, but with these gloves, all you have to do is to put them on, secure them with the fuzzy fastener (which can be adjusted according to your hand size) and start petting your canine friend just like you’ve always done.

While you pet the dog the gloves will trap fur. This can then be easily removed later. It works well for all coat types, including long hair, short hair, dry hair, and wet hair. When you are finished, simply wash the gloves and leave them in the sun to dry.


  • Less chance of your dog getting a fright when you use this than with a brush
  • Hair is trapped inside the gloves and can be easily removed afterward
  • Adjustable fastener to suit most hand sizes
  • Unlike some other brushes, it can also be used on a wet dog


  • Although they are adjustable, different sizes would have been nice. The standard size is quite large
  • Short-haired dogs might get irritated if you exert too much pressure with these gloves. Be gentle

KONG Dog ZoomGroom Multi-Use Brush

Key features:

  • This brush stimulates natural oil production and capillaries for a healthy coat and skin
  • Works very well just after shampooing your Australian shepherd
  • Gentle massaging action while one brushes
  • Available in two colors: boysenberry and raspberry
  • Comes in the following two sizes: regular and puppy/small

Best Multi-Use Brush – The KONG ZoomGroom multi-use brush is a genuinely top-class shampooing and grooming brush. Not only does it stimulate natural oil production as well as the capillaries, but it is remarkably efficient with removing loose hair.

This product works well on both long- and short-hair Australian shepherds and comes with a satisfaction guarantee.


  • Can be used on both wet and dry fur
  • This brush has sturdy, durable feel to it
  • Bristles are strong enough to penetrate the fur and remove a lot of loose dirt and hair
  • Soft enough so it does not irritate the dog
  • The KONG ZoomGroom multi-use brush is washable


  • During our test it might have worked too well. In fact, it was so full of hair and dirt that it was difficult to remove all of that.

Safari De-Matting Dog Comb

Key features:

  • Features soft, rubberized handle and stainless steel construction
  • Easily removes tangles and mats from long, matted or coarse coats
  • Suitable for both medium and long-haired Australian Shepherds
  • Sharp enough so it never pulls the dog’s hair
  • Rounded blade edges to ensure it is safe to use, even on sensitive skin

Best De-Matting Brush – The Safari Dog De-Matting Comb easily removes tangles and mats from your Australian shepherd’s coat. The serrated stainless steel blades are able to comb out the majority of tangles. This product is suitable for most long- and medium-haired dogs, but it is particularly useful in the case of long, matted, or coarse coats.

This comb has been specially designed to remove loose hair and to leave the dog with a healthy, clean coat. It can be used with handles separated or together.


  • Very effective for removing matted fur
  • Very competitively priced
  • The rounded blade edges minimize the chance of cutting yourself or the dog
  • Pets generally don’t resist when you use this comb, because it’s not likely to pull their hair


  • The instructions say that if you are left-handed, you should remove the bolt on the top and flip the blades. This proved to be extremely difficult and we just gave up
  • Handle with care. The metal piece close to the top of the tomb managed to slice our reviewer’s thumb

Safari Dual-Sided Shedding Blade Dog Grooming Tool

Key features:

  • Comes with a vinyl comfort handle and twin-sided stainless steel blade
  • The coarse teeth on the other side effectively remove excess hair on thick coats
  • It’s possible to unhook the handles to create an open shedding blade
  • The fine teeth on one side is good to brighten and smooth short coats
  • A good tool to effectively and quickly removed dead, loose hair

Best Shedding Blade – This 2-sided shedding blade is perfect for when you want to groom a medium-to-large Australian Shepherd with a fairly long coat. One the one side it has coarse edges, and on the other side there are fine teeth that are quite efficient when removing loose hair from your dog’s coat.

This product can be used either straight or looped, to groom small or larger areas as desired. It is available in a number of different sizes and features an integrated hanging hole to make storage easy.


  • Double-sided shedding blade to accommodate medium or large dogs
  • Comes in various sizes
  • Also works great for shorter, coarse hair
  • Very comfortable handle
  • Easy to use plus the hair does not easily clump on it


  • Preferably use this shedding blade when you are outside. The amount of hair that will come off your dog is amazing

Andis Steel Pet Comb

Key features:

  • Construction is very sturdy and the comb should last a long time
  • Very little pull and discomfort for the dog
  • Metal teeth pass through the hair easily and without much friction
  • Works well for fluffing and finishing
  • Wider side works well to remove mats, finer side good for paws and face

Best Comb – The Andis 10-inch Steel Pet Grooming Comb is perfect for dogs of all sizes. It removes not only mats but also tangles, loose hair, and dirt – plus it stimulates hair follicles and the dog’s skin. It features both fine and coarse teeth, making it the ideal tool for fluffing and finishing.

This is also a good option if your dog’s hair is getting matted underneath the surface hair. It’s comfortable to hold and doesn’t weigh much, so it will not easily tire your hand or arm. A big plus is that our test dog actually seemed to enjoy the experience!


  • Stainless steel construction is more durable than plastic
  • Twin sides, one for removing mats and another for working in sensitive areas like the face
  • Removes mats, tangles, loose hair and dirt
  • Out test dog looked like it was groomed by a professional


  • At 7.5-inches this is not a small brush, so it might not be suitable for a puppy
  • The steel can be a bit harsh if you don’t work gently

Four Other Top Rated Australian Shepherd Dog Brushes

Here are five of the best other dog brushes for Australian Shepherds:

Miracle Care Slicker Dog Brush

This is a solid option to finish the dog’s coat. The angled flexible pins and the soft pad of this brush facilitate effective grooming without the dog’s skin becoming irritated. One of its major benefits is that, on double-coated breeds, it is very effective in reaching the undercoat. This brush’s soft stainless wire tines prevent mats and gently removes tangles and loose hair. Another plus is that the small slicker brush features a smaller head that is very useful for grooming smaller dogs and puppies. Finally, the ergonomically designed grip is cushioned to help minimize hand and wrist strain.

FURminator Firm Slicker Brush For Dogs

This brush is a good choice for curly, long, and medium coats. It effectively gets rid of surface mats and tangles without harming the dog’s coat. The Furminator comes with bent bristles on one side and straight bristles on the other side. This twin-flex head design tracks the natural lines of your canine friend’s body while ensuring the bristles remain in a perfect working position. The anti-microbial plastic is a good option to keep bacteria and germs at bay.

Hertzko Self-Cleaning Dog & Cat Slicker Brush

This brush features fine steel slicker bristles that gently gets rid of knots, mats, and tangles while at the same time also lifting and getting rid of the dead undercoat without scratching or hurting your four-legged friend’s skin. It has a single button for retracting the bristles back up into the brush. This makes it extremely uncomplicated to clean. All it takes to get it ready for the next use is a single swipe. Regardless of how often or how long you brush your Australian shepherd, the comfortable, anti-slip handle will always minimize wrist strain.

Four Paws Ultimate Touch Instant Mat & Tangle Remover

This dog grooming tooleasily and quickly gets rid of mats. The de-matting brush is suitable to remove even stubborn tangles and mats without damaging your dog’s coat. One of the top benefits of using a mat eliminator is that it leaves the animal’s coat smooth and healthy. The Four Paws Ultimate Touch Instant Mat & Tangle Remover features strong double-row pins. and is recommended for all coat types.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are Australian shepherds double coated? Yes. Australian shepherds have thick double coats that help them to stay warm and protect them against hazards such as burrs and sticks
  2. How often should I groom my Australian shepherd? You should groom your Australian shepherd at least once a week, more often if possible. These dogs are moderate to heavy shedders, and if you allow dead hair to accumulate it will cause matting
  3. Should I shave my Australian shepherd? No, this breed should never be shaven. it will mess up the coat’s delicate balance and it might never grow back to what it used to be
  4. How often should I bathe my Australian shepherd? It’s perfectly fine to bathe this breed around once a month
  5. What kind of fur do Australian shepherds have? These dogs have a double coat. The outer layer is long, straight and silky and lies close to the animal’s body. The undercoat is softer and thicker than the outer guard hairs, particularly around the dog’s trousers and neck


Australian shepherds are lovely dogs of which any owner can rightfully be proud of. To keep them looking shiny and healthy will take some effort from your side though. Grooming your canine friend regularly will not only keep his or her coat in a pristine condition, but by using the right kind of brush you can also help to spread the natural oils that are essential for skin and hair health.

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