12 Best Brushes for a Bichon Frise

A Bichon Frise is a fairly small dog breed. With their black eyes and fluffy coats they look adorable, and children love them. In the UK they quite fittingly belong to the toy dog group. In the US they are part of the non-sporting group of dogs.

These are mischievous little animals, and with all this mischief comes an increased need for grooming to get all the dirt out of the coat. To do that properly, one needs to know what the best brush is for your Bichon Frise under different circumstances.

In what follows we are going to step you through what we regard as the 13 best brushes for a Bichon Frise and explain why one of them might be a better choice than others at any particular moment.

8 Different types of brushes for a Bichon Frise

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A comb is ideal for removing knots, tangles, loose fur, and dirt from your Bichon Frise’s coat, in the process promoting a healthy clean-looking skin. A comb is therefore the perfect tool for your dog’s daily grooming session. If used correctly It will also provide a soothing skin massage that stimulates blood flow through the dog’s skin.

  • A slicker brush, preferably a soft one, is perfect for the delicate, thick coat of a Bichon Frise if you want to get rid of tangles and mats. This type of brush is also a good choice for a Bichon Frise when it comes to removing dirt and loose hair. The bristles are designed in a way that makes them quite easy to clean: you just pull off the hair and you are ready for the next grooming.
  • De-shedding brushes are great tools for removing hair from your Bichon Frise’s undercoat that might not be effectively removed with a standard comb or brush which focuses mainly on removing debris and hair from the fur’s top layer. The best kind of de-shedding brush is usually rectangular and it has fine metal bristles.
  • Bristle brushes come in handy for a Bichon Frise that sheds frequently. It typically boasts neatly packed natural bristles that easily remove loose hair from the coat, without hurting the dog and without damaging the skin in any way. It is also a good choice for helping to distribute the Bichon Frise’s natural oils evenly throughout its coat.
  • A pin brush is a good choice for dogs such as the Bichon Frise that can shed a lot. These brushes are normally oval-shaped and the loosely shaped rows of flexible pin wires make them perfect for finishing the grooming on this type of dog. In the process, the dead fur and mats are removed. Another plus is that they won’t scratch the dog’s skin.
  • A rake brush is designed to get rid of dead undercoats and tangles in dogs with thick hair. It looks somewhat similar to a shaving razor, so you have to be careful when you use it. because the teeth are usually fairly deep, if you use it carefully, however, you will be able to reach the animal’s undercoat without damaging its skin.
  • Pet grooming gloves take a lot of the effort and stress out of grooming your Bichon Frise – both for the animal and you. You simply slip them on and stroke the pet just as you would normally do. The gloves remove dull, dead hair and leave the skin looking shiny and well-cared for. They also help to remove tangles. The dead hair gets trapped in the glove and it’s fairly easy to discard afterward.
  • Blade-type brushes typically feature a stainless steel blade with fine teeth on one side and coarse teeth on the other side. This is the right tool for a Bichon Frise that is shedding a lot and has numerous stubborn knots and mats. The handle is often made of vinyl, which makes it easy to grip. Just running this tool over the dog will help to cut down significantly on shedding and remove a lot of loose, dead hair.

6 Key Considerations when Looking for the Right Brush for your Bichon Frise

  • Overall condition of your Bichon Frise’s coat. If, for whatever reason, you have not been able to groom your dog for quite a while. you will probably notice that its coat has been become dull and coarse, with tangles and mats. In such a situation a good choice will be a blade or slicker brush.
  • Dogs with soft undercoats but coarse outer coats need a firm wire-pin or bristle brush with wide-spaced, fairly long bristles. Follow this up with a slicker brush to remove mats and tangles.
  • Dogs with delicate, thin coats such as the Maltese Bichon can’t do much better than a soft slicker brush to get rid of tangles and mats in its coat.
  • For its regular daily brush your Bichon Frise needs something like a pet-grooming glove or a comb. This guides the animal’s fur so it lays in one direction instead of pointing all over the place, and ensures that is is free from knots and tangles.
  • Periodic deep grooming. From time to time you need a brush that can penetrate deeper into the fur than a pet-grooming glove to get rid of loose for and dead hair. In this case, a rake brush will be a good choice.
  • Age of the dog. As your Bichon Frise gets older, the skin often gets increasingly tender. Whatever type of brush you use, make sure it is not very harsh. When brushing you should also work more gently than with a younger dog. It might also start to shed more than when it was young. A good option in this case would be a specialist tool such as the Furminator de-shedding edge dog brush.

Overall Best Brushes for Bichon Frise

Below are our top choices for the best brush for a Bichon Frise in a number of different categories:

FURminator deShedding Edge Dog Brush

 Key features:

  • Using technologies that have now been patented, this brush was specially designed by an experienced dog groomer
  • The expertly designed handle fits smoothly into the human hand, and the brush’s curved edge precisely tracks your Bichon Frise’s contours to take most of the effort out of brushing
  • Regular use of this product can lead to a reduction of as much as 90 percent in the shedding of long hair
  • Fur ejector button to easily remove loose hair after use

Best overall – Although the Bichon Frise is not known as one of the heaviest shedders on earth, it certainly does shed. You will be glad to know, however, that the Furminator De-shedding Edge Dog Brush can with regular use cut down shedding dramatically (the manufacturer claims up to 90 percent, and we find that quite believable). The brush also stimulates the natural oil production in the dog’s skin.

The specially designed skin guard is there to help prevent the edges of the brush from digging into the skin, and in our test it slid smoothly over the skin.


  • No getting entangled in the fur, no tugging or pulling
  • Hair shedding is sharply reduced
  • Dogs who normally hate grooming are often not distressed by the Furminator at all
  • it comes in various sizes and there are models for both short-haired and long-haired dogs
  • Very few chances of you scratching your Bichon Frise’s skin by accident


  • Do not use the Furminator de-shedding edge dog brush while your dog is wet. It will cause distress because it tugs at his coat
  • A Bichon Frise that is only used to grooming gloves will likely take a while to adapt to the Furminator

Hartz Groomer’s Best Combo Dog Brush

 Key features:

  • Developed in partnership with highly experienced groomers
  • Suitable not only for de-shedding, but also for removing small mats and de-tangling fur
  • Two brushes offer a dual grooming action. One side features dense nylon bristles that help to evenly spread the skin’s natural oils to promote a shiny, healthy coat. The other side has stainless steel tips covered with a protective coating to detangle the coat and get rid of loose hair
  • The handle has been ergonomically designed for enhanced control and comfort

Best Combo – Pet owners often have to deal with a home filled with countless wispy strands that cling to everything from couches to carpets to clothing. The Hartz Groomer’s Best Combo Brush can make a huge positive change to that situation. Developed in partnership with professional groomers, it features two sides: one with fine stainless steel tips covered with a protective coating for the gentle yet effective removal of excess fur, loose hair and mats as well as de-tangling, the other side with its dense bristles to aid the distribution of the Bichon Frise’s natural skin oils for a shiny, healthy coat.


  • In our test, it did a great job to remove tangles from fur
  • This grooming tool works especially well on a longer-haired breed like the Bichon Frise
  • Dual brushes for the removal of mats, excess fur and loose hair as well as for the even distribution of natural skin oils
  • Even our Bichon Frise who normally really dislikes grooming quite liked this brush


  • Some Bichon Frise owners feel the Hartz groomer is more effective with de-tangling than with removing loose fur

Chris Christensen Long Pin Slicker Brush

 Key Features:

  • This brush can make its way through even the densest fur to reach the roots of the hair
  • Useful for fluffing and shaping your Bichon Frise’s head, toplines, and legs
  • The Big G is can effectively deal with tough mats and tangles
  • Good for the removal of thick undesirable undercoat

Best Slicker Brush – The Big G slicker brush features particularly long pins – and a lot of them. In fact, it has around 40 percent more pins than its Big K counterpart. These long pins can penetrate deep into longer coats. Furthermore, it also has a unique pin bend that creates additional lift and movement, which enables it to pick up more coat.

The brush also has a flexible cushion that works very gently, and the ergonomically designed (and unusually long) handle helps a lot to prevent your hand and/or arm to become very tired during a grooming session.


  • The large Big G slicker brush works particularly well with the longer fur of a Bichon Frise
  • During our test it certainly helped to make the Bichon’s coat look soft and fluffy
  • This brush is easy to hold and it doesn’t weigh a ton
  • The Big G saves a significant amount of time when you have to brush your Bichon Frise


  • Not suitable for brushing a wet dog
  • Although with moderate use this should not happen, some owners complained that the handles broke easily

Mr. Peanut’s Hand Gloves Dog & Cat Grooming & De-shedding Aid

 Key Features:

  •  Designed to make collecting loose fur and hair from your Bichon Frise an effortless experience
  • The fuzzy fastener strap is adjustable so there should be a setting for the majority of hand sizes
  • The package contains two gloves (for both hands) which speed up the grooming process
  • The rubber tips that cover the palms of both hands are soft and gently lift dirt and undo tangles

Best Glove – Mr Peanuts’ Hand Gloves are very useful for the removal of loose fur from your Bichon Frise’s coat. Catching loose pet hair before they fall of course means less vacuuming for the owner, and these gloves make the whole process so much easier.

The gloves are manufactured with soft rubber tips and a flexible mesh so they make removing mats, tangles, and dirt from the coat a relatively easy and quick process. Everything is trapped in the gloves and can be removed quite easily afterward with a quick wash. Mr Peanut’s Hand Gloves are suitable for all types of coats, from long to short – and one can even use them on a wet coat.


  •  Take a lot of effort out of grooming and easily collect loose hair and fur
  • Chances of the Bichon Frise getting scared are significantly less than with a brush
  • The fastener can be adjusted to accommodate the majority of hand sizes
  • Suitable for a full range of coats, from short to long and from wet to dry


  • Only comes in one size, which is fairly large (although it can be adjusted)
  • You have to be gentle and not exert too much pressure, or the Bichon Frise might get scared

KONG Dog ZoomGroom Multi-Use Brush

 Key features:

  • Regular use of Zoomgroom is very effective in reducing shedding because it removes loose hair extremely well. This brush also helps promote a healthy coat and skin by stimulating capillaries and natural oil production
  • Works well when you bathe your dog with shampoo and then shampoo it. This gives the coat a shiny, smooth appearance
  • While one brushes the dog the ZoomGroom has a gentle massaging action
  • Available in two sizes and two colors

Best Multi Use – One of the best shampooing and grooming brushes on the market. Not only does it remove loose hair extremely efficiently, but it also stimulates the skin’s capillaries and natural oil production – both great benefits if one wants your Bichon Frise to have a shiny, healthy-looking skin.

Apart from that this brush does it jobs well with both short- and longer-haired Bichon Frises. And finally: the manufacturer offers a satisfaction guarantee.


  •  The (very gentle) rubber nubs seize the dog’s hair, but it does not irritate the skin
  • The Kong Dog ZoomGroom Multi-Use Brush is suitable for use on both dry and wet hair
  • Very durable and sturdy feel
  • This product can be washed


  •  The ZoomGroom is meant to reduce shedding, but it is perhaps not quite as suitable for de-tangling

Safari De-Matting Dog Comb

 Key features:

  • The stainless steel serrated blades are excellent quality and rust-resistant. They are also sufficiently sharp to cut through even the thickest mats
  • The blades have rounded edges so even a dog with a sensitive skin won’t get cut
  • With each stroke, the skin is gently massaged, which increases blood circulation and promotes a shiny, healthy appearance
  • The rubberized handle has a comfortable grip that helps prevent strain on your arm and hand

Best De-Matting Brush – This comb is a very efficient tool to get rid of matted hair (which can trap dirt, moisture, and odor and might even cause skin irritations). The Safari De-Mating Dog Comb is also very effective to remove loose hair, dander, and knots.

This comb is built to massage and groom the dog’s coat with every stroke, thereby increasing blood circulation to leave him or her feeling and looking in top condition. The rubberized handle is anti-slip and fits comfortably in the hand. This reduces wrist and hand strain. The oversized thumb rest over this product’s blades further helps to enhance control.


  • We found that the Safari De-Matting Dog Comb very effectively removed matted fur
  • The blade edges are rounded, which minimizes the likelihood of you cutting the dog or yourself
  • The price is very competitive
  • Our brush-shy Bichon Frise didn’t resist this comb, mainly because it didn’t pull her hair


  •  Handle this product carefully. Our reviewer managed to cut his thumb during the grooming process
  • Although theoretically this product is suitable for left-handed people, one has to remove a bolt on the top if you want to flip the blades. This proved so difficult that we just threw in the towel

Safari Dual-Sided Shedding Blade Dog Grooming Tool

 Key features:

  •  This product comes with a double-sided stainless steel blade and a comfortable vinyl handle
  • The design is such that this product efficiently and quickly removes loose hair from the Bichon’s coat
  • The one side has fine teeth that effectively smoothen and brighten shorter coats
  • The other side has coarser teeth that work very well to remove excess hair from dense coats
  • One can unhook the handles so the shedding blade is open if you want to cover bigger areas

Best Shedding Blade – Your Bichon Frise’s coat will be bright and smooth once you’ve brushed her with this tool. It features a comfortable vinyl handle and double-sided stainless steel blade to efficiently and rapidly remove loose hair from the animal’s coat.

The one side features coarser teeth that work great to remove excess hair from thick coats, while the other side’s finer teeth are very effective to brighten and smooth shorter coats. If you want to cover a large area more quickly, you can unhook the tool’s handles. This effectively converts it into an open blade.


  • Available in a variety of sizes
  • Dual-sided shedding blade
  • Comfortable vinyl handle
  • Also does it jobs well on shorter, coarser hair


  • It’s best not to use this particular tool inside a room. The sheer amount of hair that will be set free might pose a problem of its own

Andis Steel Pet Comb

Key features:

  • Made from stainless steel, which is more resilient and durable than plastic
  • Does a great job with finishing and fluffing
  • Chances of pulling the dog’s hair are drastically reduced
  • The finer side works well for the face and paws
  • The wider side is great for the removal of mats and to give the coat a fluffy/finished look

Best Comb – The 10-inch Andis Steel Pet Grooming Comb does a great job on dogs of every size. It stimulates hair follicles and the skin and removes loose hair, mats, dirt, and tangles. This is the ideal tool for fluffing and finishing. The fact that it doesn’t weight much takes a lot of effort out of the grooming experience.

The comb comes with both coarse and fine teeth, making it a good option not only for finishing but also for fluffing. It is lightweight and easy to hold, so your hand or arm won’t get very tired. Finally, our normally grooming-shy test dog actually enjoyed the experience!


  • Dual sides, one that works well in sensitive regions such as the dog’s face, the other side is great for removing matted fur
  • Built from stainless steel. It should last much longer than a plastic comb
  • Works great for removing loose hair and dirt, as well as tangles and mats


  • Although it worked really well for knots, we still had to follow up with a brush to remove all the loose hair
  • Might be too big for a puppy

Four Other Top Rated Bichon Frise Dog Brushes

 Here are five other dog brushes for a Bichon Frise that come highly recommended:

Miracle Care Slicker Dog Brush

This brush’s stainless wire tines are soft enough to gently get rid of loose hair, yet firm enough to remove tangles and mats. The small slicker brush has a relatively small head, which makes it particularly useful when grooming puppies and smaller dogs.

The Miracle Care is a good choice for when you want to finish your dog’s coat. The soft pad and angled flexible pins promote effective grooming without in any way irritating the dog’s skin. A major plus is that it is a great tool for reaching the undercoat of a double-coated dog like the Bichon Frise.

FURminator Firm Slicker Brush For Dogs

This firm slicker brush for large dogs from Furminator is an excellent choice for curly, long, or medium coats. It works well to get rid of tangles and surface mats and it does so without harming the dog’s coat. The brush features straight bristles on the one side, while on the reverse side there are bent bristles. The double-flex head design is very effective in tracking the natural contours of the Bichon Frise’s body, while at the same time making sure the bristles stay in an optimum working position.

Finally: the firm slicker brush’s anti-microbial plastic helps to keep germs and bacteria away.

Hertzko Self-Cleaning Dog & Cat Slicker Brush

One of this grooming tool’s top features is that it has a button you can push to retract the bristles into the brush. This makes it extremely simple to clean after grooming. As the name indicates the Fine Steel Slicker has fine steel bristles that gently remove dead undercoat and remove mats, tangles, and knots without any danger of scratching or otherwise injuring your Bichon Frise’s skin.

Irrespective of how many times a week you brush your canine friend, the anti-slip handle remains comfortable and never causes wrist strain.

Four Paws Ultimate Touch Instant Mat & Tangle Remover

This de-matting brush has twin rows of strong stainless steel pins that efficiently remove stubborn mats. At the same time, the Four Paws maintains the coat’s length and doesn’t damage it in any way. One of the top benefits of this is that it leaves the coat smooth and healthy-looking.

The brush comes recommended for all types of coats.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How often should I groom my Bichon Frise? A complete brush- out twice or 3 times a week is recommended, with baths every week or two weeks.
  2. What type of fur does the Bichon Frise have? At least as far as its powder-puff coat is concerned, the Bichon Frise is similar to the poodle. The coat consists of a soft undercoat and a curly, silky outer coat.
  3. Is the Bichon Frise double coated? Yes. The Bichon Frise is an always-white double-coated dog. The undercoat is dense and soft while the outer coat is somewhat coarser.
  4. How often should I bathe my Bichon Frise? Depending on how much access your Bichon Frise has to the Great Dirty Outdoors, you should bathe it every week or two weeks.
  5. Should I shave my Bichon Frise? The Bichon Frise’s coat can easily develop tangles and mats, which is why professional groomers recommend that they should be shaved around once a month.


When taken care of properly, the Bichon Frise is a beautiful pet of which one can quite rightfully be very proud. To keep them looking like that, however, takes some effort from the owner.

Grooming your four-legged friend regularly will help to keep his or her coat in a shiny, healthy condition, Using the right type of brush for the occasion will also help to evenly distribute the natural oils that are so vital for hair and skin health.

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