13 Best Products to Help you Calm your Border Collie

Border Collies are notoriously energetic dogs; in fact, a hyperactive, exuberant nature is considered a breed trait. The right balance of exercise, play, and training should help to tamper down this energy. Still, in some situations, you may notice that your Border Collie is acting a little too hyperactive even for the breed.

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In this case, there may be an underlying problem contributing to the issue, such as general or separation anxiety. This can result in troubling behaviors such as chewing and barking. You might start to wonder how you will ever be able to calm your Border Collie.

Luckily, there are many products specifically designed to support you in doing this. Here we will provide a little more information about the various different types and offer some recommendations about what may work for you and your canine friend.

5 Different Types of Products to help Calm a Border Collie

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  • Calming Bites – Great for chronically anxious dogs, whether because they are young or are rescue animals, calming bites are delicious little snacks derived from ingredients with known calming properties such as chamomile, and ginger. Many of these are suitable for regular use to help your pup feel more confident and relaxed in their new environment.
  • CBD Oils – Another good longer-term solution, CBD oils are extracted from hemp plants and are renowned for their calming properties. While you need to take a little care with dosing, administering this oil is generally quite simple – you just add it to your pet’s food. This type of oil has multiple other health benefits, including easing joint pain and reducing inflammation.
  • Calming Vest – Perfect for any dog in a stressful situation, calming vests have been designed to apply gentle and constant pressure, either through layers, weights, or compression, usually to your pooch’s chest and upper body. This helps them to feel more secure when they might otherwise be scared by things like loud noises or unfamiliar environments.
  • Crates – Most suitable for use at night or when traveling, crates function as a type of enclosed bed often sturdily constructed from metal or plastic. This satisfies your furry friend’s natural instinct for a den-like sleeping space. Once your dog has gotten used to being in the crate, it can become a safe space for them to be, helping to soothe them for extended periods.
  • Beds – Also good for nights, or when you are away at work, beds are better for dogs who don’t like being fully enclosed. They come in a range of sizes and styles, but ones for more anxious pets usually include bolsters for a feeling of security and a soft pillow that they can burrow down into. The advantage here is that your pup is free to come and go as they please.

5 Key Considerations When Looking for a Product to Calm a Border Collie

  • What is the root cause of the behavior? If the problem is apparent, i.e., fear of loud noises is a common issue with dogs, and nervous behavior is expected in a new pet, then likely your dog will benefit from one of the products included here. However, if your pet seems to have suddenly become averse to something that never bothered them before, you might want to consider consulting a vet.
  • Are you looking for a long term or short-term treatment? If your dog is generally fine and only gets anxious in certain situations, then chances are you don’t really need to apply a long-term treatment. Depending on the nature of the issue, they will likely benefit from a calming vest, a crate, or a nice new bed. However, if they exhibit symptoms of stress across long periods, then you may consider adding a daily supplement to their diet.
  • How serious is the situation? If the nerves are sporadic and the symptoms are manageable, then you can certainly go ahead and consider using a calming product. However, with more severe symptoms such as causing harm to themselves, extreme damage to your home, or being unable to function regularly, then you will definitely need to take them to see a vet.
  • What does your dog do to seek comfort? This consideration is particularly relevant during high-stress periods. If your pal looks to you for comfort, then a calming vest will likely be able to provide them with the kind of soothing they need. Other dogs will often try to hide away from what they consider to be the danger, in which case a crate or bed will be more effective.
  • How much are you willing to spend? There are a multitude of calming products available at a variety of different costs, so you are going to need to be clear on what you are looking to spend. This is particularly the case with longer-term products like hemp oil. Just keep in mind, when making your decision, that price often goes hand in hand with quality and effectiveness.

Best Calming Products for Border Collies

Organic Hemp Oil by The Anxious Pet

Key Features: 

  • Organic, grain-free ingredients
  • Expertly formulated and laboratory tested
  • Optimum levels of active compounds
  • Solvent-free extraction methods

Best Overall: We have selected this product as best overall because it is a versatile solution to anxiety that really does work. The full-spectrum makeup of this laboratory tested Organic Hemp Oil means that it utilizes more of the beneficial hemp plant than other formulas. This is why it sees such great results in helping dogs feel both more comfortable and more relaxed.

Additionally, the oil also contains high volumes of terpenes, flavonoids, and essential fatty acids, which are great for boosting the immune system, promoting bone and joint health, supporting brain activity, reducing inflammation, and managing symptoms of various allergies.

With so much going for it, this handy oil may seem a little too good to be true. However, the product is both veterinarian formulated to ensure that it delivers on its promises and third-party tested for potency, purity, and consistency – this all has an impact on how effective the product is.


  • Quick calming effect
  • Clear dosage guidelines
  • Can easily be added to food or treats
  • Range of health benefits


  • A little expensive compared to other products

Anxiety & Calming Aid for Dogs by ThunderShirt

Key Features: 

  • Patented ThunderShirt design
  • Calms without training or medication
  • Recommended by vets and trainers.
  • Backed by science

Best Calming Vest: There are many things about this vest that make it great for its intended purpose. Firstly the vest is constructed from durable, high-quality materials. Secondly, the range of sizes makes it super simple to find one that will fit your pet perfectly. Finally, the easy on design makes it a breeze to pop on your pup when they start to get anxious.

The way that this particular product works is that it applies a gentle, constant hugging-like pressure. This has been found to have a dramatic calming effect on troubled pooches. The vest is also adjustable so you can ensure just the right amount of pressure is used for the desired result.

This vest is excellent for both helping to calm dogs with long-term anxiety and also for regular dogs who may get distressed during stressful situations such as in a storm, when there are fireworks or during travel. It’s an excellent all-round tool to have to hand for fast and effective anxiety and fear relief.


  • Easy to use, requires no prior training
  • Effective in over 80% of cases
  • Great for regular use
  • Helps curb symptoms of anxiety


  • Doesn’t work on every dog

The Original Calming Shag Vegan Fur Donut Cuddler Cat & Dog Bed by Best Friends by Sheri

Key Features: 

  • Soft faux shag fur keeps your dog warm and cozy
  • Extra filling provides relief from joint and muscle pain
  • Raised edges are perfect for burrowing
  • Machine washable and dryer-safe

Best Calming Bed: This expertly designed pet bed might be just the solution you’ve been looking for to help your insomniac pooch with getting a restful night’s sleep. It is extremely comfortable with its warm faux fur lining and unique insulating layers that retain your pet’s body heat and redirect it back towards them to maintain warmth.

The circular shape and raised edges are perfect for Collies that like to curl up to sleep for both comfort and security. Your pup with love snuggling down into the softly cushioned inside of this soothing bed.

Many of this bed’s features are beneficial for you too. The water-resistant bottom layer of fabric will help to protect your floors from any accidents, and the bed is fully machine washable for removing that doggy smell and can be chucked in the dryer, so it is quickly clean, fresh and ready for bedtime.


  • Extremely soft and comfortable
  • Helps anxious dogs feel secure while sleeping
  • Easy care and maintenance


  • Durable but not chew-proof

CBD Infused Wellness Dog Bites by Austin and Kat 

Key Features: 

  • Organic Ingredients
  • Naturally occurring CBD

Best Calming Treats: Treats provide a great way to administer calming herb blends to help your dog as they need it. These delicious, original recipe dog bites feature a combination of naturally occurring CBD alongside locally sourced, healthy ingredients that make a great addition to your pet’s regular diet.

Alongside the main hemp oil extract, these snacks include coconut oil that aid in the absorption of the CBD, and turmeric and cinnamon which are loaded with antioxidants and have multiple health benefits. Apples provide an excellent flavor, and natural binders such as peanut butter and gluten-free alternatives are perfect for dogs with sensitivities.

Available in three different potencies, these treats are perfect for taking the edge off and helping your pup to relax in difficult situations and unfamiliar environments. The additional health benefits are an added bonus, as is the great taste which your dog will love.


  • Effective in most situations
  • High-quality ingredients
  • Various health benefits


  • A little expensive

9 Other Top Rated Border Collie Calming Products

Hemp Calming Anxiety & Hyperactivity Soft Chews Dog Supplement by PetHonesty

Specially formulated to temporarily relieve feelings and symptoms of stress and hyperactivity alongside anxiety, these multipurpose calming bites are quick to work and made without the use of drugs and sedatives, so there are no drowsy side effects to worry about.

The key ingredient of these soft chews is organic hemp powder, with chamomile, ginger, and valerian root added to enhance their soothing effects. They are crafted with natural chicken flavor in an FDA-registered, GMP-certified facility in the USA and have zero GMOs, wheat, corn, soy, or preservatives.

Hemp Elements Calming Nutrastix Behavior Dog Supplement by Zesty Paws

Holistic ingredients are combined for ultimate effectiveness in these handy two-in-one de-stressing dental sticks. The balanced blend of hemp oil, coupled with melatonin, chamomile makes these chewables great for helping your pup settle into a calm state no matter the situation.

In addition to this, these handy treats contain suntheanine, a pure form of L-theanine, which helps to stimulate brain waves for prime relaxation without drowsiness. The second part of that two-in-one is the added taurine, kelp, and peppermint oil, which aid in cleaning your pooch’s teeth and keeping their breath smelling minty fresh.

Calming Care Probiotic Dog Supplement by Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets

Created using a unique probiotic formula, the Calming Care Supplement makes use of a beneficial bacteria that have been scientifically linked to a reduction in stress-induced behaviors such as excessive barking, pacing, jumping, and spinning. This formula is excellent for helping your pet cope with any kind of external stressors.

The blend has been derived by experts, research, and veterinarians, and in addition to helping your pup stay calm, it can also support them in maintaining positive heart health when stressed. It also provides a little boost for their immune system for all-round better health.

Hemp Calm Down with Hemp Seed by Healthy Solutions for Pets 

A synergistic combination of chamomile, thiamine, L-Tryptophan, melatonin, hemp seed, and naturally occurring CBD, make the Hemp Calm Down Soft Chews a powerful solution to issues caused by stress, anxiety, and hyperactivity.

These treats are perfect to have to hand if you anticipate any upcoming situations that might make your pooch fearful, e.g., thunderstorms, fireworks, or a trip to the vet of groomers. They promote a gentle sense of relaxation to help your pet remain calm while providing you with absolute peace of mind.

Calm Stress & Anxiety Relief Melatonin Dog Supplement by Waggedy

Featuring melatonin a useful sedative hormonal supplement as the main active ingredient, Waggedy’s calming chews provide a hemp free alternative to supporting your canine’s nervous system and preventing such issues as separation anxiety, nervousness in unfamiliar situations and excessive barking and chewing.

Alongside melatonin, these supplements make use of L-Tryptophan, chamomile flower, passion-flower, and ginger, and each ingredient adds its own unique benefits to the formula. Ginger, in particular, can be useful in easing your pet’s stomach if you are taking a long trip by car.

Calm, Full Spectrum Hemp Extract by CBD Dog Health

Full-spectrum extract (CBD) added to a blend of lavender essential oil and CocoTherapy MCT-3 oil make this calming extract especially effective for general anxiety as well as situational anxiety, excessive noise, and long travel. It can be applied topically or added to your pet’s food. However, the former is the most efficient and fastest acting.

This food-grade quality product additionally contains a perfect balance of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which means that it is also useful for promoting naturally healthy skin and a shiny coat alongside the other health benefits associated with hemp.

CBD Dog Treats + Stress & Anxiety Relief by Holistapet

Make with all-natural, organic, vegan ingredients and containing no GMO, gluten or dairy, these uniquely flavored calming bites are excellent for helping your pooch to maintain a calm and peacefully relaxed state in any kind of nerve-racking situation, and the delicious taste means that they will be happy to come back for more.

Including hemp seed powder and CBD oil, and further enhanced with L-Theanine and chamomile, these tasty treats are particularly suitable for animals who suffer from anxiety, stress, and certain phobias as well as ones that have a more delicate or sensitive stomach.

Full Spectrum CBD Supplements by Canna-Pet

Containing a broad spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids, these potent capsules include much more of the active ingredients than other supplements of this nature. This has the effect of boosting their effectiveness and longevity in easing symptoms of stress and anxiety.

The natural, non-GMO, plant-based product is extremely versatile. It can be easily added to your pup’s food or hidden within a treat. And the high-quality, non-pharmaceutical ingredients means that you can be confident in administering this supplement to your pet, following the recommended guidelines provided for optimum effects.

Pet CBD Oil by Pure Relief  

Packed full of ingredients that have been carefully sourced to protect the health and wellbeing of your pet, this useful cannabidiol oil contains natural and supportive extracts that will significantly benefit your nervous or hyperactive canine friend. The quality of the ingredients means that you can be confident in including this oil in your dog’s regular daily diet.

This canine CBD oil promotes feelings of ease for your pal when they are confronted with loud and stressful environments. It also does well in supporting them with discomfort caused by general, specialized, or separation anxiety. This pure CBD oil is a great all-rounder.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the best way to calm my Border Collie puppy? While the products on this list can provide a little additional support in helping to calm your Border Collie during particularly fear-inducing situations or in certain circumstances when they may be nervous because you are away from home. They should in no way be used to replace regular training and exercise.  The very best way to calm your pup down is to make sure that they are getting sufficient physical and mental stimulation to ensure that at the end of the day, they are tired and ready to go to bed.  However, don’t be hesitant about seeking a little more help when necessary. It’s not good for your pet to be feeling high levels of anxiety regularly, and resultant behaviors such as excessive barking and aggressive actions are likely to be extremely hard and frustrating to deal with.
  2. Why is my Border Collie so hyper? One of the key reasons why your Border Collie is so hyper is that they were bred to be. As worker dogs tasked with herding, they needed to have constant streams of energy as well as good mental acuity to help them in doing this.  While this made them perfect for their required function, it can often make them a little more challenging to have as pets. They need much more exercise and stimulation than other breeds to burn off their excess energy.
  3. At what age do Border Collies start to calm down? While Border Collies of any age are likely to be quite active in comparison to non-working breeds, energy levels to tend to dip a little when they reach around the age of four. During the second half of their lifespan, they will usually be more content to sit and relax rather than needing to be on the move every minute of the day. You can support this process by providing them with a good amount of daily exercise, alongside toys and activities that will target their mental energy. It’s also good to ensure that they receive the right kind of training from early on in their lives. There is absolutely no doubt that Border Collies are among the most active breeds out there. It’s important to take this into consideration before bringing one into your home. However, certain problems can serve to exacerbate the situation resulting in hyperactivity and the appearance of unwanted behaviors.

You need to be aware of these issues and find a way of effectively dealing with them. Products on this list can be incredibly effective at aiding with this. Hopefully, you will find a way of helping your energetic or anxious dog to feel happier and more comfortable in every situation.


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