13 Best Products to Help you Calm your German Shepherd

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German Shepherds are beautiful dogs; they are intelligent, courageous, and confident. However, as they were bred initially as work animals rather than family pets, they do tend to have rather a lot of energy. For this reason, you may be left wondering: how can I calm my German Shepherd?

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  • Water resistant

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Another common problem faced by owners of these types of dogs is separation anxiety. The breed is particularly prone to this issue because they are generally very sociable dogs and can become either scared or bored if left alone for long periods of time. This could result in destructive behaviors and excessive barking.

Here we have included a little information on various products that can be used to help calm your German Shepherd. We have also covered a few details of some of the best ones currently available, but that tackle the issue in different ways.

5 Different Types of Products to help Calm a German Shepherd

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  • Calming Bites – Calming bites are soft chews or snacks that are tasty for dogs but also contain natural ingredients that help them relax and rest. These include things such as hemp oil, chamomile, and melatonin, which research demonstrates helps to relieve nervousness in canines and reduce problematic behaviors that are associated with this issue.
  • CBD Oils – CBD or cannabidiol is a compound derived from hemp plants that is well known for its therapeutic properties in humans. Recently it has been adapted for use with animals in helping with calming anxiety, providing pain relief, and reducing inflammation. Applied topically or orally, it can help your pet relax into a peaceful night’s sleep.
  • Calming Vest – Calming vests are specially designed coat-like garments that are used to calm anxious dogs at specific times. The idea is that pressure applied to your pup’s torso has a soothing effect on them in the same way that swaddling a baby or hugging a child does. Different vests do this in various ways, making use of either compression, layers, or weights.
  • Crates – Crates, which are enclosures made from metal, plastic, or fabrics, can be particularly useful for dogs with separation anxiety. They are designed to replicate the feel of a dog ancestor’s natural den-style home in the wild. In this place, your pooch can feel safe, secure, and protected. Although it might take them a little training to get used to being in there in the first place.
  • Beds – Beds provide your bed with another safe space specifically intended for them. Some beds have been designed with extra features such as soft burrow-friendly cushions, high-rise bolsters, covers, and faux fur lining specifically to support particularly anxious pets. The idea is similar to a crate, except your pet is able to come and go as they please.

5 Key Considerations When Looking for a Product to Calm a German Shepherd

  • Reason for purchase  – One of the main factors that will naturally influence the kind of product that you opt for is the nature of the problem. You may be looking for something that will help your energetic pup relax into sleep at night – a comfy bed, support them with their separation anxiety during the day – calming treats or crate, or simply to help them feel better in stressful situations like during a storm – a vest.
  • Type of product – Products such as calming bites and CBD oils might be more effective for dogs that are especially nervous and anxious such as young pups or rescue dogs. However, for more common or short term problems, it might be better to consider ones like calming vests, crates, and soothing beds. These can help them feel safe and secure at the necessary times, such as at night or when you are away from the house.
  • Your budget – How much you are willing to spend is, of course, another key consideration here. Calming products vary quite significantly in price depending on what they are and, in the case of ingestibles, the type and quality of the ingredients used to make them. Keep in mind that also that while some treats may seem the cheaper choice compared with crates and vests, you will likely need to keep buying them.
  • Personality of your pooch – Something else you will need to factor into your buying choice is the distinct personality of your canine friend. Not just whether they are generally anxious or just frightened of some things like loud noises, but also what kinds of things help them to feel calm. Crates and pressure vests may work great for some dogs, while others may actually be scared of them and so they will only exacerbate the problem.
  • Behaviors exhibited – How your pet is manifesting their energy or anxiety is also crucial to your purchasing decision. While some behaviors such as panting, licking, and pacing may not concern you so much, aggressive actions, chewing, and constant barking likely will. A crate may be the best bet for overnight if you are worried about the state of your furniture or if you are pretty sure your pup would chew up a vest or a comfy new bed.

Best Calming Products for German Shepherds

Organic Hemp Oil by The Anxious Pet

Key Features: 

  • Full Spectrum oil
  • Organic formula
  • Veterinarian formulated
  • Third-party laboratory tested

Best Overall: The Anxious Pet Hemp Oil is an orally dispensed formula specifically designed to reduce anxiety in your pup. The oil’s full spectrum makeup means that the whole plant is used to ensure this product has one of the highest levels of CBD around. Alongside optimal levels of terpenes, flavonoids, and essential fatty acids, this improves the product’s overall effectiveness.

How this type of oil works is that it binds to receptors of the endocannabinoid system (ECS), which helps to maintain both the nervous and the immune systems. This binding supports the body in properly regulating mood, pain, appetite, sleep, metabolism, among other, equally beneficial things.

This veterinarian formulated oil will certainly help your pet to feel more relaxed when you are not around, and, in addition to having a calming effect on your pet’s nerves, the oil boasts benefits for the immune system, bone and joint health, allergies, and inflammation.


  • Carefully tested
  • Dosage is clear and scalable
  • Relaxed and happy pet


  • Can be difficult to administer
  • Pricier than other options

Anxiety & Calming Aid for Dogs by ThunderShirt

Key Features: 

  • Gentle, constant, calming pressure
  • Comfortable and easy on/off design
  • Recommended by trainers and veterinarians
  • Proven effective in over 80% of dogs

Best Calming Vest: ThunderShirt’s Calming Vest makes use of patented technology to apply gentle hugging-like pressure to help calm your pooch even in stressful situations such as during fireworks, thunderstorms, or even a trip to the vet. This is a particularly useful solution for young dogs and extremely nervous rescue ones.

Alongside this, the vest can help with issues such as separation and crate anxiety, as well as with pups who get nervous while traveling by car or air, and ones that are uncomfortable when new people visit the house. The vest can even support you in curbing unwanted behaviors such as leash pulling, barking, digging, and scratching.

The vest is available in multiple different sizes, so finding one to fit your German Shepherd perfectly will not be a problem. The easy to put on design means that you also won’t have any issues getting the vest on your pet even if they are already moving around in a state of anxiety.


  • Quality durable material
  • Great sizing options for best fit
  • Offers a simple solution to anxiety


  • Some dogs don’t like wearing the vest
  • Won’t necessarily work with every pet in every situation

The Original Calming Shag Vegan Fur Donut Cuddler Cat & Dog Bed by Best Friends by Sheri

Key Features: 

  • Soft faux shag fur for warmth
  • Water-resistant nylon bottom
  • Raised edges perfect for burrowing
  • Good orthopedic support

Best Calming Bed: The Calming Donut Cuddler is a great bed for helping your anxious fur baby get the very best possible night’s sleep. The rounded shape, coupled with the raised edges, makes the bed perfect for nesting, your pup can burrow right down for the ultimate feeling of safety and security while they sleep.

In addition, the faux fur lining will not only provide them an extra feeling of comfort being reminiscent of another dog’s fur, but the unique insulation layer will trap their body heat and radiate it back to them keeping them snug all night long. This is a bed your pup will love sleeping in.

For your convenience, the bed is both machine washable and dryer safe, and the water-resistant lower layer will help to protect your floors from any accidents. Overall this bed will provide your pooch with the perfect space to snooze in peace, and the ease of care means that it can also be kept fresh and hygienically clean.


  • Super comfortable and soft
  • Easy to care for
  • Great for sensitive pups
  • Provide relief from joint and muscle pain


  • Not suitable for dogs who chew
  • Noisy base material

CBD Infused Wellness Dog Bites by Austin and Kat 

Key Features: 

  • Premium US-grown hemp extract
  • Naturally occurring CBD
  • Healthy, organic ingredients
  • Third-party tested

Best Calming Treats: The CBD Infused Wellness Dog Bites are special treats that combine organically farmed full-spectrum CBD with wholesome, locally sourced other ingredients like oats, apples, ancient grains, and functional botanicals for effective relief for your pet from both feelings and symptoms of anxiety.

Not only can this helpful little snack ward off such symptoms of nervousness as excess licking, panting, pacing, whining, and uncharacteristic aggressive behavior, but the ingredients have also been shown to be helpful with joint pain, general pain, inflammation, and arthritis. This is great for older German Shepherds.

These bites, which are small-batch baked to ensure higher quality, are also gluten-free, vegan, and completely free of preservatives, which makes them a great addition to your dog’s diet even if they have specific allergies. Moreover, your pup will simply love the taste of them.


  • Top-quality ingredients
  • Very effective results
  • Range of benefits alongside relieving anxiety
  • Dogs enjoy the taste


  • Care needed with dosage
  • More expensive than other options

9 Other Top Rated German Shepherd Calming Products

Hemp Calming Anxiety & Hyperactivity Soft Chews Dog Supplement by PetHonesty

These Hemp Soft Chews are made from a combination of beneficial ingredients such as organic hemp powder, chamomile, ginger, and valerian root. Together they can be used to keep your pet calm in situations where they would otherwise feel quite anxious, but without the usual drowsy effect you might find in other supplements of a similar nature.

The delicious chicken flavor combined with a soft texture makes them very tempting to your pooch, and therefore easy to administer. The snacks are entirely free of GMOs, wheat, corn, soy, and any kinds of preservatives, so you know they are super healthy for your pal too.

Hemp Elements Calming Nutrastix Behavior Dog Supplement by Zesty Paws

Zesty Paw’s Calming Nutrastix Supplements contain hemp, melatonin, chamomile, valerian root, and suntheanine to provide ultimate relaxation for your feisty pooch. They are especially good for managing stress and hyperactivity in both regular and anxious dogs without causing drowsiness.

Alongside the holistic calm-inducing ingredients, these handy treats also contain taurine, kelp, and peppermint oil. These have the added benefit of keeping your pet’s teeth clean as they chew and chew on the tasty snack, and their breath smelling wonderfully fresh.

Calming Care Probiotic Dog Supplement by Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets

This Calming Probiotic Supplement differs from others here in its main ingredient. It utilizes a strain of the beneficial bacteria known as BL999, which promotes calm behavior in dogs. This probiotic formula is based on scientific evidence, which shows that controlling gut bacteria can have a positive influence on anxiety.

Specially formulated by researchers, nutritionists, and veterinarians, these tasty packets not only help pups cope with many different kinds of external stressors, but they also help to maintain positive cardiac activity when your pet is stressed. They even support the immune system, a valuable added advantage.

Hemp Calm Down with Hemp Seed by Healthy Solutions for Pets 

Hemp Calm Down Oil helps you to be prepared for any stressful situations that your furry friend may encounter. Comprised of chamomile, thiamine, L-Tryptophan, melatonin, and hemp oil with naturally occurring CBD, these excellent soft chews promote a gentle sense of relaxation when needed.

Another great thing about these little treats is that the added ginger also makes them useful for pooches with sensitive stomachs. This means they may be the best option for helping your pup remain calm and happy in the car or on a long journey.

Calm Stress & Anxiety Relief Melatonin Dog Supplement by Waggedy

Waggedy’s Anxiety Relief Supplements are another hemp and CBD alternative. The active ingredients in these calming bites are melatonin, a naturally occurring neurohormone. Long considered to be a sleep aid in humans, recent research supports its effectiveness in treating separation anxiety in canines, among other things.

The time-release tablets for extended longevity additionally contain L-Tryptophan, chamomile, passionflower, and ginger. These are all associated with promoting a pleasant, mellow mood. They can be used to help calm nerves during stressful situations and to prevent excessive barking that is linked to this stress.

Calm, Full Spectrum Hemp Extract by CBD Dog Health

This Hemp Oil contains a full spectrum extract CBD tincture, which additionally includes a blend of lavender essential oil, a naturally calming scent for added effectiveness. The formula also makes use of hemp seed oil, providing a perfect balance of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids for a healthy coat and skin.

Moreover, the CBD extract is 100 percent food grade, and it is made using CO2 extraction, meaning that no potentially harmful chemical solvents are involved in the process. This product is also independently checked for purity and the safety of your pal.

CBD Dog Treats + Stress & Anxiety Relief by Holistapet

These Stress and Anxiety Relief Dog Treats contain all-natural and incredibly tasty ingredients such as green apple and peanut butter that your dog will no doubt love. They are organic, vegan with no GMO, no dairy, and no gluten, so they are perfect for use even if your pet has allergies.

Calming herbs and compounds such as L-Theanine and chamomile are combined with the vital anxiety reducing ingredients hemp seed powder and pure CBD oil to help your pooch remain calm and peaceful in otherwise extremely stressful and fear-inducing situations.

Full Spectrum CBD Supplements by Canna-Pet

Canna-Pet’s CBD Supplements are made from completely organic, USA grown hemp to deliver as many of the cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids as possible. This natural, non-GMO, plant-based product provides a broad range of benefits alongside a calm and relaxed general mood such as relief from pain and inflammation.

These handy capsules, which contain significantly higher CBD and terpene bioavailability and content than other supplements of this nature, are specially designed so that they can be mixed in with your pet’s food, added to the center of a treat or squirted directly into your pup’s mouth. They provide a suitable dose for a medium to large dog.

Pet CBD Oil by Pure Relief  

Pet CBD is an incredibly versatile solution to generalized anxiety that can easily be incorporated into your pet’s food. Consistent use will see the most significant benefits with this type of oral treatment, including a reduction in characteristic behaviors of nervousness such as chewing and barking.

This Pure Hemp Oil, explicitly formulated for pets, is suitable for daily use for particularly anxious dogs. It promotes feelings of ease and comfort in unfamiliar environments and stress-inducing situations like when your pup is exposed to loud noises such as fireworks.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the Best Way to Calm my German Shepherd Puppy? Your German Shepherd Puppy is likely to have quite a tremendous amount of energy, and, of course, one of the best ways of keeping this in check is through long and regular walks. However, your pup is not likely to just be energetic in the body but in the mind too. These are very bright dogs, after all. To help with this, it’s best to provide them with toys, play with them often and start to train them as soon as you can. However, with the best will in the world, you are not likely to be able to attend to your new fur baby twenty-four hours a day. The products covered in this review can help with keeping you pooch chill when you are out at work or during the night.
  2. Why is my German Shepherd so hyper? German Shepherds are working dogs, which is why they have such high energy levels. These pups are incredibly strong and athletic and just about made for exercise. Coupled with that, their breeding has honed their intelligence, meaning that regular walks are not likely to be enough to keep them occupied. If these dogs are not appropriately physically and mentally stimulated throughout the day, then you could see a lot of unwanted behaviors such as constant barking or chewing and biting unless you can find an adequate way of keeping them calm.
  3. At what age do German Shepherds start to calm down? German Shepherd puppies start to become more energetic around the age of three months when they start wanting to explore the world around them. This high energy stage can last right up until they are three years old when it should begin to taper off a little. However, if you start to train them early, engaging both their body and mind, you can significantly reduce this time. If you don’t train your pet at all, then chances are, they will remain unruly for most of their lives. German Shepherds are high energy and sometimes anxious dogs. Whether you are looking for something to help calm them regularly and long term or just during high-stress occasions, there are plenty of products to choose from.

Hopefully, the information and recommendations included here have gone some way towards helping you in deciding which might be the best kind of products to support your dog for their continued health and happiness and to make your life just a little bit easier.


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