15 Best Dog Beds for Beagles in 2021

Beagles are loving, curious, and friendly dogs. They are also natural explorers who are likely to love spending a great deal of time out of doors. After all that running about, they are going to want a nice, comfy place to rest and recover ready for the next day’s adventures.

Best Orthopedic

Frisco Sherpa

  • Very soft
  • Fluffy bolster edges

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Overall Best

Puffy Dog Bed

  • Super comfortable
  • Comes in 3 sizes

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Best Luxury

ELUX Dog Bed

  • Customizable
  • LiveSmart Technology

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You may have several concerns about picking about a pet bed, such as: will my dog actually use it? Will it be easy to care for? Will it withstand my pup’s playful behavior? Here we will address these and more and provide some excellent options to help you find the best dog bed for your Beagle.

6 Different Types of Dog Beds for Beagles

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  • Orthopedic Beds – Best for older or sick pups, orthopedic ones feature a high-quality mattress, usually something like memory foam, which molds to your pooch’s form. This helps to distribute their weight, taking pressure off painful joints such as the shoulder and hip.
  • Pillow Beds – Great for all dogs, pillow beds are the most common kind and the ones most people think of when they think of a pet bed. These large cushions are generally popular with all pets and come in a range of colors and materials to suit most preferences.
  • Elevated/Cooling Beds – Perfect for use in the summer, these hammock-style beds are raised slightly from the ground for an enhanced cooling effect. The fact that the fabric is up off the ground makes these beds a little more versatile and totally suited for outdoor use.
  • Heated Beds – Wonderful during the winter, heated beds make use of some kind of heating device, be it an electric blanket or heated pads to help keep smaller dogs and ones with thinner coats toasty warm in colder rooms and places.
  • Covered Beds – Helpful for anxious babies, covered beds mimic dog’s original natural habitat giving them a sense of security that they may not otherwise get from a more open bed. These are often styled as little caves or with a suspended canopy.
  • Sofa Beds  – A good all-rounder, sofa beds are the second choice to pillow ones. These are good for dogs who like to move around a lot as they sleep, trying out positions from curled to stretched. The outside bolsters provide them with additional comfort and support.

5 Key Considerations When Looking for a Beagle Dog Bed

  • Your pup’s personal preferences. One way you can be sure that your pet will use the bed is to consider the things they like. If you are replacing an old or damaged bed, you will already know what you are looking for. With a new dog, take time to observe how they sleep, which fabrics they prefer, and whether they are happy to slumber on the floor or prefer to nap on the couch. These all provide essential clues on the features to opt for in a dog’s bed.
  • Your budget. These days you can get stylish-looking, well-made beds at quite affordable prices. However, more specific features such as orthopedic mattresses, insulation, and durable materials will come at a higher cost. Also, keep in mind that cost is often directly related to longevity. Spending a little more now could save you money in the long run.
  • Comfort vs. functionality. When it comes to reviewing the different types of beds out there, you will start to notice pretty early on that some are tailored more towards the pet (comfort) and others more towards the owner (functionality). You shouldn’t have to compromise either of these two aspects, and the beds included here don’t. A bed can be both easy to care for and a place that your pup will love to spend their snoozy time.
  • Ease of maintenance. This is undoubtedly one of the most important things to think about when opting for the right bed. A great-looking, soft and snug bed is all very well, but it won’t look quite as appealing when it is covered in hair and smelling like damp dog. Look for removable covers and waterproof liners; the first will ensure that the bed is easy to clean, and the second will guarantee that the unwashable foam won’t start to smell.
  • The sleeping environment. We touched on this a little when outlining the different types of beds available. Some are very much tailored to use in warmer climates and others in colder ones. Now, if you live in a place when the summers are super hot, and the winters are brutal, you may consider two beds. For everywhere else, you can often find beds that can be used to either help keep your pet warm or cool them down as needed.

Overall Best Dog Beds For Beagles

Puffy Dog Bed

Key Features: 

  • 100% polyester microfiber fabric
  • High-density memory foam
  • Remove and wash cover
  • Breathable dog bed

Best Overall Dog Bed For Beagles – The Puffy Dog Bed has been chosen as the best overall because it includes nearly every feature you are going to want to look for in your Beagle bed. Not only has it been designed for comfort, but it has also been constructed for practicality.

The mostly open design of the bed allows your canine friend to sleep just precisely how they want to, either curled up next to one of the shallow bolsters that surround the mattress or with legs and arms resting on them for the very best sleeping position. The high-density memory foam provides an effective level of support.

In terms of maintenance and durability, the bed’s 100% polyester and microfiber scratch-resistant cover can withstand a good amount of wear and tear and can easily be removed and cleaned in the washing machine.


  • Comfortable, weight-distributing base
  • Avoids issues with overheating
  • Looks good with a stylish design
  • Well-sized for moving about in sleep


  • At the high end of the market price-wise

Frisco Sherpa Orthopedic Bolster Cat & Dog Bed

Key Features:

  • Extra Plush or Memory Foam option
  • Uses LiveSmart technology
  • Incredibly durable, with a lifetime guarantee

Best Orthopedic Dog Bed for Beagles – The Sherpa Bolster Bed is one of the best beds out there for providing a high level of orthopedic support for your slightly older Beagle. This is because of its egg-crate convoluted foam sleeping surface coupled with its fluffy wrap around bolster, and easy entry design.

The bed also comes with a super soft poly-fill removable cushion that is great for pups who appreciate a little more give in their sleeping surface. One side of the cushion also features a cloud Sherpa for an extra touch of luxury.

Probably the best thing about this bed, aside from the excellent mattress, is its versatility. With so many different sleeping options, your pooch is going to love this bed, and the fact that it is machine washable means that you will love it too.


  • Good quality materials
  • Stylish yet functional design
  • Firm, supportive mattress
  • Super soft cushion and sides


  • Cushion easily moves out of place
  • Not good for dogs who chew

ELUX Pet Bed

Key Features: 

  • Soft and warm pet bed
  • Removable, machine washable cover
  • Stain-repelling LiveSmart Technology
  • Three-sided zip closure

Best Luxury Dog Bed For Beagles – The Elux Pet Bed is our luxury choice because it’s a high-end pillow style bed that boasts some incredible features, such as a dual-layer orthopedic foam base and a lower denier performance outer yarn layer that makes use of LiveSmart technology.

A top layer of gel memory foam and a bottom layer of supportive base foam constitute the incredibly comfortable mattress. This is great because it means that the bed is reversible with one side being softer and the other one firmer.

But the thing you will appreciate most about this bed is the inclusion of LiveSmart technology. This gives the bed a kind of barrier protection against stains, moisture, and rough play. The bed is incredibly durable, and any accidents that your little lamb has in their bed will sit on the top layer rather than penetrating through.


  • Quality construction
  • Good versatility
  • Easy to wipe clean
  • Plush feel


  • Can be a bit firm for some dogs

Bully Beds Chew Resistant Dog Bed

Key Features:

  • Proprietary BullyTuf cover material
  • Heavy-duty velcro closure
  • Water-resistant construction
  • Orthopedic foam filler

Best Chew Proof Dog Bed for Beagles – Beagles are generally high energy dogs – especially when they are younger. If your pup chewed through their last bed, then you are likely to be looking for something a bit tougher. The Chew Resistant Bed by Bully Beds is our best pick for your rambunctious pal for its sturdy construction.

However, while the bed may be built primarily for durability against sharp teeth and claws, this doesn’t mean that it suffers in terms of comfort. The 4-5 inch (depending on the size), mattress makes for a soft and pleasant place for your pooch to rest.

The bed does also have other functional qualities, such as the removable cover is water, hair, and stink resistant, as well as being perfectly fine for machine washing. But what really sets this bed apart from others of its nature is the attention paid to the seams and fastenings which are heavy duty and Kevlar enforced for extra protection.


  • High-quality, non-toxic, hypoallergenic materials
  • Suitable for even heavy chewers
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Easy to clean


  • A little pricier than some alternatives
  • Material can be a little noisy with restless dogs

Frisco Sherpa Rectangular Bolster Cat & Dog Bed

Key Features:

  • Extremely cozy and snug
  • Stylish, modern design
  • Ultra-soft polyester fiber
  • Cushioned bolsters on all sides

Most Affordable Dog Bed For Beagles – The Sherpa Bolster Bed may be one of the most affordable beds on this list, but that doesn’t mean that Frisco has scrimped on quality. While it may not have some of the features that others do, if you are looking for something simple and effective – then this is the bed for you.

Sofa-shaped for a feeling of security, this rectangular bed is super soft on the inside for deep and relaxing sleep and super stylish on the outside with a choice of attractive colors and prints available.

The bed is also lined with cuddly cloud Sherpa for extra warmth and comfort. The bolstered sides provide your pet with the perfect place to rest their head for ultimate relaxation. The bed is fully machine washable for ease of keeping it fresh and clean.


  • Great price for what you get
  • Very soft and comfortable
  • Good for anxious dogs


  • Not chew proof
  • Lacking orthopedic support

Frisco Steel-Framed Elevated Dog Bed

Key Features: 

  • Sturdy, powder-coated steel frame
  • Durable, PVC-coated sleeping surface
  • Tight, breathable fabric
  • Skid-resistant feet for extra stability

Best Elevated Dog Bed For Beagles – The Steel-Framed Elevated Dog Bed is another incredibly affordable bed, although a surprising choice when compared to other, more traditional options. This hammock-style device is extremely versatile, and Frisco have built this bed well.

If you have used an elevated bed before then, you will know just how handy they can be and how much your dog will love using them – especially when outside in those hot summer months. The elevation, coupled with the breathable material helps to keep them nice and cool.

A mattress isn’t needed as your pup will already be suspended above the hard ground and can sleep comfortably. Another great thing about this bed is it could prove to be more comfortable for elderly pets who might otherwise struggle to get in and out of bed.


  • Lightweight for easy moving
  • Suitable for outdoor use
  • Easy wipe down surfaces
  • Strong and stable bed


  • Gets a little hot if left in direct sunlight
  • Not chew proof

Chuckit! Travel Pillow Dog Bed

Key Features:

  • Soft to touch, quality construction
  • Machine washable and breathable for quick dry
  • Perfect for camping or car rides
  • Stuff sack included

Best Travel Dog Bed For Beagles – The Travel Pillow Bed, while maybe not being your first choice for an overall bed, makes an excellent outdoor and on the road use one. This handy blanket style bed is our top pick for travel bed because of its compact, lightweight design and included carry stuff sack.

This one-size-fits-all bed provides your pup with a comfy spot wherever you may be and might prove just the right touch for nervous travelers if you get them used to it well ahead of time.

The specially thought out materials are everything that campers need them to be: portable, convenient to carry, easy to wash, and quick to dry. This is certainly a useful bed to have for anyone who spends a fair bit of time in the great outdoors with their pets.


  • Durable, soft materials
  • Convenient size for most dogs
  • Very easy to take care of
  • Easily stashed away to be used as needed


  • Mattress not as soft or supportive as regular beds

Best Friends by Sheri, The Original Calming Shag Vegan Fur Donut Cuddler Cat & Dog Bed

Key Features:

  • Soft faux shag for warmth and comfort
  • Extra filling provides relief from joint pain
  • Raised edges are perfect for burrowing
  • Bed is machine washable and dryer-safe

Best Calming Dog Bed For Beagles – The Original Fur Donut Bed is our most calming one because of its carefully thought out design that incorporates various features to help your young or anxious dog feel more secure while they are sleeping.

First off, the donut shape provides them with the perfect space to burrow down and get cozy, and the raised edges help them to feel safer and comforted. As well as this, the faux fur lining feels soft and smooth, and it retains and radiates their own body heat to keep them snug.

In terms of functionality, the bed includes a waterproof bottom to help protect your floors if your little angel has any accidents during the night. The bed itself is suitable for machine washing and can also be put in the dryer.


  • Excellent for the winter
  • Soothing effect on nervous dogs
  • Fluffy and snuggly for nesters
  • Can be made softer or firmer as needed


  • Might be harder for older dogs to access
  • Not as durable as other beds

7 Other Top-Rated Beagle Dog Beds

FurHaven NAP Deluxe Memory Foam Pillow Dog Bed

This super plush pillow bed is specially designed to be ultra-comfortable. The memory foam core is laminated to medical-grade polyurethane, this cradles your dog’s body, easing pressure from their joints. Also, the silky-soft faux fur will help your pup to feel warm and relaxed for an overall great night’s sleep.

Brentwood Home Griffith Pet Bed

This stylishly crafted mattress-style bed not only looks great but feels great too. The materials have been specially selected for their high-quality feel as well as their durability. The two layers of dense and supportive foam provide excellent orthopedic support, and the bed is available in a range of classic colors to suit your preference.

Sleepez Latex Dog Mattress

This 100% natural latex-cotton combo pillow bed makes for an exceptionally comfortable dog bed. It’s great for keeping your pal well supported and cool while they are sleeping. In addition, the latex cushion filler is hypoallergic and is guaranteed to last much longer than many other types of filling.

WFH High Memory Fiber Bed

This ultimate luxury bolster bed has been created with comfort, style, and functionality in mind. The superior memory foam mattress is the perfect blend of resilience and comfort for wonderful orthopedic support. The exterior upholstery grade fabric is both super plush and easy to care for.

Tall Tails Dream Chaser Charcoal Donut Bed

This circular snuggle bed is truly excellent for nesters while being incredibly convenient to use year-round. The reversible exterior is fleece-lined on one side for extra warmth, while the other side can help keep your pooch lovely and cool in the summer. The bed is also fully machine washable for ease of cleaning.

Layla Memory Foam Pet Bed

This excellently versatile, great looking box bed features a flippable mattress for variation in firmness, which essentially makes it two beds in one. Coupled with this is a unique copper-infused memory foam mattress that helps to draw heat away from your dog, meaning they keep cool while sleeping.

Wild One Dog Bed

This wholly practical sofa-style bed is suitable for younger dogs who may not yet be housetrained. This is due to the water-resistant, double-layered, poly-weave lining that keeps any liquids from soaking through to the firm yet comfortable support foam mattress beneath.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the best type of dog bed for a Beagle? The best type of bed for your Beagle will depend on a range of factors, including their age, personality, and the sleep environment. You will need to keep all of these factors in mind when shopping around for a pet bed.  Generally, this breed are snugglers, and that is especially the case when it’s cooler outside. Their short coat can make them somewhat vulnerable to the cold. This means that a bed where they can burrow, and that will help to keep them warm may be most appropriate for them.
  2. Do orthopedic dog beds really help Beagles? Unfortunately, as our furry friends start to get a little older, you may notice that they are not as limber as they once were. This may be especially the case for your Beagle as this breed is genetically prone to issues with their hip joints and back legs.  An orthopedic mattress could make a big difference in helping to relieve any pain your pooch may have in this area and in supporting their movements while sleeping. This will likely mean they are both happier and more mobile during their waking hours.
  3. Do Beagles need comfy beds? As active little monkeys Beagles will certainly appreciate a nice, comfy place to slumber and regain their energy for the next day. Even if your pup spends the night with you, it’s a good idea to have a space for them to rest and sleep during the day as needed.
  4. Is memory foam toxic to Beagles? Memory foam itself is not toxic to Beagles, or any other dogs. Still, sometimes it may have been produced in a factory environment where it was exposed to certain chemicals and other toxic substances. The very best way to ensure that this is not the case is to purchase your bed from a reputable supplier. Take care to check the list of materials to ensure that the foam insert has been quality control checked.

Hopefully, after reading this helpful guide and review, you are a little clearer on where to start looking for your new pet bed and what kind of features you are going to need. Taking the time to select the very best bed for your Beagle friend will make all the difference to them – and to you.


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