15 Best Dog Beds for Corgis in 2021

Corgis might be the Internet’s favorite dog breed. And if you’ve got one (or a few!) of these little fuzz-balls at home, you know how quickly they can steal your heart with their energetic nature and fluffy cuddles.

Best Orthopedic

Frisco Sherpa

  • Very soft
  • Fluffy bolster edges

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Overall Best

Puffy Dog Bed

  • Super comfortable
  • Comes in 3 sizes

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Best Luxury

ELUX Dog Bed

  • Customizable
  • LiveSmart Technology

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Cardigan and Pembroke Welsh Corgis are the epitome of a big dog in a small dog’s body – right down to their little legs – and they have big personalities to match. They love to run and chase just as much as they love to cuddle up and spend time with their human family members. When playtime is over and your pup is ready for a much-needed nap, you want to be sure you have the best corgi dog bed available.

6 Types of Dog Beds for Corgis

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As you search for the perfect dog bed for your corgi, you’re going to come across a few words over and over, so let’s look at some of the most common types of dog beds.

  • Orthopedic: These beds use high-density foams like memory foam to support your little dog’s bones and joints. They usually cost more, but for high-quality beds, it might be worth the price as your corgi might be susceptible to spinal and joint issues.
  • Pillow Beds: Your basic dog bed. They can range in quality, price, and filling type, but overall they are a pillow filled with some type of stuffing. If you’re looking for something budget-friendly, easy-to-find, and in a wide range of patterns and colors, pillow beds might be the answer.
  • Elevated/Cooling: Picture a cot. Elevated dog beds are most commonly sturdy canvas or mesh stretched across a plastic or steel tube frame, raised a few inches off the ground. They keep your corgi off the ground and allow air to circulate from all directions. There are even options that use a cooling gel inside to enhance the cooling effect.
  • Heated: Heated beds are great for colder weather and for achy joints. There are beds that you can plug into an outlet to warm your dog, and there are others that use thermal materials to self-heat, amplifying your dog’s own body heat.
  • Covered: Covered dog beds are a great option for dogs who like to nest, especially those prone to anxiety. There are tent-shaped and teepee-shaped options, as well as choices that have a blanket-like cover attached for the dog to nestle under.
  • Sofa: Bolstered beds are another great choice for nesting dogs because they provide a slight wall around the sleeping area. Some of these beds feature bolsters on three sides of a rectangular bed, just like a sofa. If you really want to spend money, there are even beds that are manufactured to look exactly like a miniature couch!

Key Considerations When Looking for a Corgi Dog Bed

  • Climate: You just have to look at a corgi’s fluffy, thick fur to understand that these dogs were not made for hot weather. Hailing from chilly and rainy Wales, hotter days under all that fur are not easy. If you live in a cooler area or you have a dog with aching joints, a heated or self-heating bed might be a good pick, otherwise, you’ll want to stick to something that doesn’t cause your pup to overheat.
  • Easy Clean: You know what else that thick fur means? Shedding and dirt. And lots of it. Dirt particles can easily get trapped in those long hairs and tracked into your home. And corgis shed constantly, their long white strands of fur turning up everywhere. You need a machine-washable dog bed with an easy-remove cover. Higher quality beds have other great mess-proof features like water-resistant fabric or lining or anti-cling covers.
  • Joint Support: An unfortunate side to the big-dog-small-body traits corgi’s possess is the tendency towards joint and spine disorders. As they age, corgis are especially prone to Canine Hip Dysplasia and Intervertebral Disc Disease, among other painful conditions. Supportive sleep surfaces designed with these conditions in mind will help alleviate the pain and promote restful sleep.
  • Calming: As herding dogs, corgis want their whole flock together at all times. This leads to them being prone to separation anxiety when human pack members are away from home. In their distress, they can act out with bad behaviors like digging, chewing, and barking non-stop. Look for a bed that can help your corgi feel calm, like a sofa or bolster bed or a covered option.
  • Tough: We just mentioned that anxious corgis can engage in destructive behaviors, but it’s not just dogs suffering from anxiety. In fact, corgis are extremely intelligent and energetic dogs, which is great when you’re training them. It’s less great when they get bored because they make their own fun by chewing, biting, and digging. While the best remedy for this is constant exercise and mental stimulation, some days you just can’t provide enough. Look for a durable bed that can stand up to your corgi’s worst days.

The Best Dog Beds for Corgis

Puffy Dog Bed

Key Features:

  • High-density memory foam
  • Removable, machine-washable cover
  • Scratch-resistant fabric
  • Soft yet supportive bolsters
  • Non-slip bottom

Best Overall Dog Bed For Corgis – The Puffy Dog Bed is an orthopedic sofa bed that is an ideal choice for your dog. If your corgi likes to use pillows, the firm bolsters provide a great place to rest her head. The high-density memory foam bed, made by a mattress company using human-grade materials, offers orthopedic support for your dog’s spine and joints.

This bed stands out because of the high-quality materials used inside and out. The cover is easily removable, machine-washable, and made with scratch-resistant fabric for your diggers and runners. But don’t just take our word for it – they offer a 101 night trial period and lifetime warranty so your corgi can take her time deciding if it’s the right bed for her.


  • 101-night trial period and lifetime warranty
  • Breathable foam creates cooling effect
  • Stylish and very easy to clean
  • Orthopedic support


  • Only one color option
  • Higher price tag
  • Bolstered sides might be a high climb for your corgi’s little legs, though the open side won’t pose a problem

Frisco Sherpa Orthopedic Bolster Cat & Dog Bed

Key Features:

  • Four-sided bolsters with low profile
  • Removable cushion makes cleaning a breeze
  • Machine washable
  • Convoluted foam base for support

Best Orthopedic Dog Bed For Corgis – The Frisco Sherpa Orthopedic Bolster bed comes in a range of sizes and styles so you’re sure to find one that fits your dog and your home! The inside cushion is removable for easy cleaning, and it’s reversible so you can choose patterned twill or a warmer Sherpa for your corgi’s sleeping surface.

The base is made of convoluted foam and has four walls that provide an excellent headrest and a safe den-like space for more anxious pups. The low walls make it easy for dogs to get in and out – a big plus when you have a corgi known for its short legs! You won’t be able to find a better orthopedic option at this price point.


  • Orthopedic support at a budget price
  • Supportive foam base combined with fluffy pillow
  • Easy to clean and machine washable
  • Customizable
  • Can help with anxiety


  • Thinner, lower-density foam than most orthopedic choices
  • Definitely not chew proof

ELUX Pet Bed

Key Features:

  • LiveSmart technology keeps cover stain- and liquid-repellent
  • Human-grade orthopedic foam and high-quality materials
  • Cooling technology
  • Machine washable
  • Durable, long-lasting, with money-back guarantee

Best Luxury Dog Bed For Corgis – eLux makes mattresses for humans, so their dog bed is going to be as luxurious as anything you would purchase for yourself. In fact, several customer reviews mention humans napping on it too! It comes in two options: a filled pillow bed and an orthopedic mattress. The mattress uses a strong layer of support foam for the base and a layer of memory foam with coolness-enhancing gel for temperature regulation, which makes it an excellent option for your corgi. The pillow bed is filled with chopped high-density foam that creates a fluffier sleeping area while still being extremely supportive.

Not only are the eLux beds comfortable, but they’re practical too. Their cover is easily-removable, machine-washable, and best of all, is made with eLux’s proprietary LiveSmart technology which helps keep moisture and stains out.


  • LiveSmart Technology keeps the bed clean and dry
  • Easy to wash
  • Temperature regulating foam
  • Made in America
  • Comfy and soft


  • High price tag
  • Not as style-forward

Bully Beds Chew Resistant Dog Bed

Key Features:

  • Certipur-US certified non-toxic, hypoallergenic memory foam
  • BullyTuf cover and Kevlar-reinforced seams. It’s strong.
  • Water-resistant cover is removable and machine washable
  • Waterproof liner
  • 200-day warranty against chewing, 20-year warranty for the foam

Best Chew Proof Dog Bed For Corgis – If your corgi is a chewer or digger and you feel like you’ve exhausted all your options, check out this option from Bully Beds. Bully Beds was founded for much larger dogs than your corgi, with much stronger teeth, so it should stand up to anything your corgi could do to it.

There is so much to love about the Chew Resistant Bully Bed. It is made from strong, durable, and high-quality materials, and little details like Kevlar-reinforced seams make all the difference. With Certipur-US certified memory foam, your corgi can sleep easy knowing that this memory foam is non-toxic and will support her joints and spine. And with a 20-year warranty against sagging foam, this bed will keep your dog happy and healthy for her entire life.


  • Non-toxic memory foam offers support without health risks
  • Industry-leading warranty
  • Can stand up to any kind of damage from chewing, digging, or messes
  • “No-stink” washable cover
  • No zippers for your persistent chewer to rip out


  • Very high price tag
  • Designed with extra-large dogs in mind, so the smallest option is a medium

Frisco Sherpa Rectangular Bolster Cat & Dog Bed

Key Features:

  • Machine-washable
  • Many stylish options
  • Soft Sherpa interior
  • Four-walled bolster for head resting and cozy snuggles

Most Affordable Dog Bed For Corgis – This budget-friendly option from Frisco offers bolsters on all-four sides of the pillowy bed, making a safe nest for your corgi and a convenient headrest for nap time. The sleeping surface is a soft Sherpa fabric for maximum warmth and snuggle potential and the interior uses polyester fiber fill for fluffy comfort.

The bed comes in many stylish prints and is very easy to clean, making it a great choice. With such a low price tag, it also makes an excellent choice for a secondary bed – maybe for use in another room or in the car.


  • Low price tag
  • Many patterns to choose from
  • Easy to clean


  • Polyester fiber fill is not supportive
  • Not chew resistant or durable

Frisco Steel-Framed Elevated Dog Bed

Key Features:

  • Outdoor and indoor use
  • Durable, breathable, water-resistant fabric
  • Non-skid feet
  • Sturdy steel frame
  • Quick and easy assembly

Best Elevated Dog Bed For Corgis – Elevated beds are a class all their own, and they have so many great attributes, but the Frisco Steel Framed Elevated Dog Bed is definitely the best in class. If you need an outdoor bed for your corgi, look no further. While most of the competition uses plastic for the frame, this bed uses sturdy, easy-to-clean steel, tipped with non-skid rubber feet, making it a great option for outdoors or in! While some assembly is required, the frame snaps together in minutes so your corgi will be able to enjoy her new bed right away.

The bed is made from PVC-coated canvas that is durable enough for outdoor weather and strong enough to hold heavy dogs without sagging. It’s also breathable, allowing for air circulation in all directions, which is perfect for your furry corgi on a hot day. The elevation is also kinder on your dog’s joints. It’s also much less expensive than other brands, even at the same quality level.


  • Competitive, low price
  • Joint-friendly
  • Keeps your corgi cool
  • Several color options


  • Not soft or fluffy

Chuckit! Travel Pillow Dog Bed

Key Features:

  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Machine washable and dryer-safe
  • Fabric is soft, breathable, and quick-drying
  • Lightweight, portable, and comes with travel pouch

Best Travel Dog Bed For Corgis – If you like to travel with your corgi, this is a great choice for you. And whether your idea of travel is hotel-hopping or camping under the stars, the versatile Chuckit! Travel Pillow is a great option.

To make life on the go easier for you and your dog, this bed rolls up and fits neatly inside its own travel pouch. It’s light, so it won’t add extra weight to your daypack or luggage. The bed is soft to the touch, which your corgi will love, and is quick-drying for your convenience.


  • Travel pouch makes life on the go very convenient
  • Low profile but still padded and comfortable
  • Easy to clean
  • Low price tag


  • One size: your corgi will definitely fit, but if you have more than one dog at home it might be a tight squeeze
  • Not chew- or tear-resistant

Best Friends by Sheri, The Original Calming Shag Vegan Fur Donut Cuddler Cat & Dog Bed

Key Features:

  • Self-heating
  • Water-resistant nylon base
  • Machine washable, dryer safe
  • Orthopedic mattress and bolstered edges

Best Calming Dog Bed For Corgis – This bed is a great choice for corgis prone to anxiety. The round shape and all-round bolsters help your dog feel safe, creating a den-like area to foster snuggling and burrowing. They also make a great pillow. The fuzzy faux-fur cover is comforting and warm. An insulating layer of thermal materials in the bed reflects your corgi’s body heat to stay warm. Plus the shag cover is a fun way to dress up your room.

The bed is machine washable and dryer safe, so it’s very easy to clean, and the bottom uses water-resistant nylon to protect your floors, so you’ll love it as much as your corgi does.


  • Doughnut shape can relieve anxiety
  • Easy to clean
  • Soft, cozy, and keeps your dog warm
  • Affordable


  • Fiber filled
  • Not chew proof

7 Other Top Rated Pit Bull Dog Beds

FurHaven NAP Deluxe Memory Foam Pillow Dog Bed

A combination of a memory foam top and a bottom layer of medical-grade support foam supports sore muscles and joints, allowing your corgi a restful sleep.  It’s also really easy for their little legs to get in and out and is perfectly fitted for crate use.

Brentwood Home Griffith Pet Bed

This bed uses responsive memory foam for the top layer and a sturdy foam base, made in California out of Certipur-US certified foams, providing excellent orthopedic support for your corgi’s hips and spine.  It also boasts a three-year warranty.

Sleepez Latex Dog Mattress

This environmentally-friendly bed will bring your dogs many years of orthopedic comfort.  It is made of 100% natural materials, including natural latex instead of memory foam.  Latex is highly-breathable, so it will keep your corgi cool as she sleeps.

WFH High Memory Fiber Bed

Your corgi will be napping in luxury in this stylish and supportive bed.  It boasts a dirt- and stain-resistant microvelvet cover that is machine-washable for your convenience.  The bolstered base zips to the pillow cushion just in case your dog is the mischievous type.

Tall Tails Dream Chaser Charcoal Donut Bed

Not only is this bed perfect for smaller corgis, but the doughnut shape fosters burrowing and comfort. The soft base and high walls are great for nesting or anxious dogs.  It features a reversible exterior so you can choose whether your pup needs to warm up or cool down.

Layla Memory Foam Pet Bed

Layla is a mattress company with versatility, style, and comfort in mind.  The four-walled bolsters on this bed provide a nice headrest and a stylish profile, and the cooling inner mattress is reversible.  With two layers of copper-infused memory foam, you can choose between two firmness levels for your corgi’s comfort.

Wild One Dog Bed

The bolsters on Wild One’s Bed are lower, which is great for your corgi’s short legs, and it makes the cover super easy to remove.  And with a mattress of human-grade memory foam, her spine and hips can feel supported as she sleeps.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the best type of dog bed for a Welsh corgi? Not every dog will have the same preferences, so there is no single best bed for Welsh corgis.  But there are a few things you can keep in mind as you make your decision.  Corgis have short legs, so avoid anything where the sides are too tall and they would have to jump to get in and out.  Corgis are prone to Intervertebral Disc Disease and Canine Hip Dysplasia, so orthopedic or elevated beds will help alleviate pressure on their spine and hips.  And corgis have a lot of long hair and traditionally come from a cooler climate, so beds with cooling capabilities might be a good choice.  Overall, consider your dog’s preferences and temperament, as well as your own budget.
  2. Do orthopedic dog beds really help corgis? Yes!  Welsh corgis are prone to skeletal and joint diseases because of their long bodies and active temperaments.  They can easily slip discs in the spine or suffer from hip dysplasia, among other ailments.  A truly orthopedic dog bed that offers firm support to your dog’s spine can alleviate pain from those conditions, or from general joint pain that arises as your dog ages.
  3. Do Welsh corgis need comfy beds? Yes!  Dogs spend anywhere from 12 to 20 hours a day in their beds.  And just like you would want a comfortable mattress, your dog would be happier and healthier in a comfy bed too.  The right bed can keep regulate your corgi’s body temperature and support her spine and joints, helping her live a happy and healthy life.
  4. Is memory foam toxic to corgis? Some memory foams are toxic and foam is not carefully regulated worldwide.  If you are looking for a memory foam bed for your corgi, be wary of memory foams from overseas where they may be treated with harmful chemicals.  There are safe memory foam dog beds out there, though.  It may be worth spending the extra money to find USA-made dog beds or ones that are Certipur-US certified to be non-toxic and hypoallergenic.  And under no circumstances should your dog ingest memory foam!  Even certified foams can be a huge risk if ingested because they can cause obstructions.


There are so many dog beds on the market that it can be absolutely dizzying trying to find the best dog bed for your Welsh corgi.  Any of the beds on this list would make a great option for your corgi.  No matter which bed you choose, make sure it suits your dog’s personal preferences and your budget, and remember to look for a bed that is tough, calming, easy to clean, appropriate for your climate, and provides joint and spine support.

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