15 Best Dog Bed for Dachshunds in 2021

Dachshunds, doxies, weiner dogs…whatever you call them, they sure are loveable! With their big, sweet eyes and adorable long bodies, they’re known to be friendly, curious, and spunky. They’re also called icons of dog breeding, and it’s true! Everyone knows and loves them.

Best Orthopedic

Frisco Sherpa

  • Very soft
  • Fluffy bolster edges

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Overall Best

Puffy Dog Bed

  • Super comfortable
  • Comes in 3 sizes

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Best Luxury

ELUX Dog Bed

  • Customizable
  • LiveSmart Technology

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Some doxie owners buy them for their cuteness without knowing that this breed requires extra care for them to live in their best health. There are a lot of complications that can come with dachshund health, and one part of that involves picking the best dachshund bed that is supportive of all aspects of their lives.

6 Different Types of Dog Beds for Dachshunds

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There is definitely a lot more to dog beds than square or round, flat, or walled. There are actually a ton of utilities different dog beds provide, and depending on where you live, the kind of dachshund you have, and his health concerns, you certainly will not want to grab the first bed you see. Generally speaking, you will find these six kinds of dog beds available:

  • Orthopedic –  Orthopedic is a term for dealing with the correction of deformities of bones or muscles. Instead of using cheap, mass-produced, less durable material like polyester or wood chips, orthopedic dog beds use high impact support like latex or memory foam, the same kinds of things you find in human orthopedic mattresses.
  • Pillow –  A straightforward and common type of dog bed, a pillow dog bed is one that is simply shaped like a pillow, usually rectangular in shape and filled with a great number of things, from polyester to memory foam. If this design appeals to you, keep in mind that not all of them are created equal, so be sure to get the support that your dog needs.
  • Elevated/cooling –  Some dogs can run hot in the night, and if that’s yours, you’ll want to take a good look at a cooling dog bed. Some refract your dog’s body heat in the design or the materials, and some are lifted off the ground like a hammock, ensuring breathability underneath their bodies. Depending on where you live, if you have high temperatures regularly, help keep your dog from health issues like heat stroke with one of these beds.
  • Heated –  Conversely, if you live in a place with regularly low temperatures, your dog may need extra help staying warm at night or at rest. This can also lead to a slew of health problems, so a heated dog bed, whether it’s through a self-heating design or a power source, will keep him toasty throughout the whole night.
  • Covered – Covered dog beds come in the shape of an igloo, teepee, or some kind of draped canopy over the top. They can not only help keep a dog warmer by preserving heat above him while he sleeps, but they can also help with anxiety. Since smaller dogs tend to suffer more from anxiousness, this is a popular choice for toy dog owners, as they offer a safe space for nervous dogs to retreat.
  • Sofa – Sofa dog beds were invented in the name of style. They are exactly what you’d expect, a miniature couch for your dog. They tend to be popular with owners looking for an extra splash of aesthetics in their homes. They’re not generally the most supportive or comfortable, but dogs who either relish being the center of attention or who love being on the sofa will love them.

5 Key Considerations When Looking for a Dachshund Bed

Now that you know the types of dog beds, it’s time to think about what’s best for the dachshund breed in particular. Since they have funny quirks and particular health concerns, you’ll want to know the most important info regarding their beds:

  • Size – Dachshund size can range quite a bit, as you may have the standard size Doxie or a miniature version. Keeping in how big he will be fully grown, pick a bed that is big enough to keep him from flopping off the sides, but small enough that he doesn’t feel engulfed by it. Since he is in the toy dog category, if it’s the latter, he may get more anxiety this way. Follow the retail and manufacturer instructions regarding sizing when selecting the bed.
  • Longevity –  Dachshunds can live to be 12-16 years old, which means picking a long-lasting bed to cover a good span of those years is a great idea. It is also extremely important to ensure that your dachshund does not get overweight, as his frame cannot support any extra cushioning without serious health repercussions. As a result, you must keep him active during the day, which may make picking a durable bed that he can run, jump, and flop into of high importance.
  • Washability – If you are keeping your Doxie busy with the recommended two short walks throughout the day, you’re doing a great job keeping him healthy! However, chances are that he will get dirty as a result, and therefore transfer grime to his bed. Looking for a machine-washable bed will make cleanup a cinch. Even if he isn’t plunging into piles of soil, especially since dachshunds don’t generally love the outdoors, if you have a long-haired dachshund, he will probably be shedding and tracking dust and debris into his bed, so a removable, washable cover will still be very useful.
  • Support – Dachshunds are incredible dogs, but they do come with their share of health risks. 25% of dachshunds suffer from back problems called Intervertebral Disc Disease, and can also have problems with their eyes, joints, thyroid, hips, knees, weight, and skin. Their long backs are of particular concern, as their owners need to be mindful of keeping their back muscles and bones in good shape. This means that good support is especially crucial for dachshunds. You will likely need a great orthopedic bed to make sure all of his joints, bones, and muscles are appropriately protected, but speak with your vet about your doxie’s particular health if you have questions.
  • Accessibility – Since your dachshund has little legs and a back that needs protecting, he shouldn’t be leaping or jumping. This includes jumping into bed every time he wants a snooze. While a bed piled high with orthopedics is great for his body support, you’ll want to find something that he can easily step into without straining any part of his body. Looking for a lower bed, or one that has an access point of three or no walls.

Now you’re prepared with the dachshund bed basics, and you’re ready to start shopping! However, if you don’t know where exactly to start beyond a quick search engine, we have you covered! We’ve carefully taken a look at some of the best beds around to make it even easier.

Best Overall Dachshund Bed

Puffy Dog Bed

Key Features:

  • Memory foam
  • Washable cover
  • Cloud print
  • Skid-proof
  • Three sizes

Best Overall Dog Bed For Dachshunds – Puffy has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau for a reason; they’re in the business of keeping their customers happy! It’s hard to find better than a lifetime warranty and a 101-night trial period, so if you buy the bed and decide with a few nights that your Doxie doesn’t love it, it’s no problem. Let’s talk about the bed itself; it’s well-designed for support, with high-quality memory foam and breathable, cooling materials. Plus, it has a machine-washable cover that comes right off, and a no-slip base for active night sleepers.

Now, if your Doxie is a scratcher, the bed is scratch-resistant, which is great, but if he’s a chewer, the Puffy may meet its match. It’s also on the pricier side, and only comes in one color, white, which is notoriously difficult to keep clean. If the pros still outweigh the cons, though, you can enjoy free FedEx shipping to get the Puffy to your door ASAP.


  • Cooling design
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 101-day trial
  • Free FedEx shipping
  • Memory foam core
  • Durable


  • Only one color
  • Higher price

Frisco Sherpa Orthopedic Bolster Cat & Dog Bed

Key Features:

  • Modern and varied cushion designs
  • Chenille cover
  • Polyfill filling
  • Enclosed walls
  • Medium-Extra Large Sizes

Best Orthopedic Dog Bed For Dachshunds – If you’re looking for a polyfill bed that still offers support, the great thing about this Frisco is that it’s dual-layered for two times the amount of support found in other polyfill beds. With the sherpa lining, this means it’ll be a favored place for your Dachshund to cuddle up at night. For the tasteful pet owner, it’ll also be favored, as it has three cute prints to choose from.

Now, the thing about polyfill is that it isn’t as orthopedic as memory foam, and it also tends to lose its shape over time. However, if you have a smaller, lighter Dachshund, it may be less of an issue, though since the smallest size of bed Frisco offers for this is medium, it may be on the large side for smaller Doxies. The good news is, it’s an inexpensive option, making it easily replaceable.


  • Inexpensive
  • Great prints
  • Machine washable
  • Sherpa-lined


  • Non-orthopedic material
  • May be too large for most Dachshunds

ELUX Pet Bed

Key Features:

  • Two bed designs
  • LiveSmart technology
  • Orthopedic
  • Versatile
  • Long-lasting

Best Luxury Dog Bed For Dachshunds – For the messier little Doxies, eLux has patented LiveSmart material that makes it stain and moisture-repellent, as well as tough for their claws and teeth to sink into. If they somehow had managed to break through, they’d find either plush cluster fiber in the extra plush version, or memory foam with orthopedic gel and a bottom base of foam in the memory foam version. Talk about comfortable beds!

With the eLux beds, one thing that could prove challenging for Dachshunds, however, is accessibility. Since the eLux beds are piled high with fiber or foam, they may have a hard time clambering to and fro. Plus, even with the small size selected, it is a considerable investment for a pet bed, though if the fact that they’re often out of stock due to high demand is any indicator, it may be well worth it.


  • Relaxing
  • Barrier protection
  • Easily washable
  • Easy care
  • LiveSmart technology
  • High-quality material


  • Pricier

Bully Beds Chew Resistant Dog Bed

Key Features:

  • Orthopedic cushioning
  • Extremely tough
  • Toxin and allergen-free
  • Easy cleanup

Best Chew Resistant Dog Bed For Dachshunds – Sometimes, little dogs are fans of chewing their beds, but with this Bully Bed option and its Kevlar-reinforced seams and proprietary BullyTuf material, it’s a thing of the past. Bully Beds truly believes that their beds are up to the challenge, so they guarantee against successful chewing for 200 days after purchase. Plus, none of the materials are toxic or allergenic, and Bully Beds guarantees the shape will last with its 20-year shape guarantee.

As is a common challenge with small dogs, these beds may be too big for your Dachshund, and he could end up swallowed up by the generous medium size as the smallest option. It is also not the most aesthetic-focused, with a stark square shape and two uncreative colors. However, with its construction and materials, it will likely be a bed that will be around for your Doxie for years to come.


  • Free shipping
  • Stink, water, hair, and destruction-resistant
  • 200-day chew guarantee
  • 20-year shape retention warranty
  • Very washable


  • Large sizes only
  • Pricier

Frisco Sherpa Rectangular Bolster Cat & Dog Bed

Key Features:

  • Three fun prints
  • Two sizes
  • Budget-friendly
  • Sherpa lining
  • Polyester filling

Most Affordable Dog Bed For Dachshunds – With its snug, rectangular shape, this is a dream bed for Dachshunds loving to cuddle up. This Frisco bed has soft, snuggly sherpa lining the inside, and even though dogs are colorblind, even yours might appreciate the rave-worthy modern and fun patterns Frisco offers on this bed. Plus, it’ll be an easy bed for him to access, as it has three walls for resting his head and one lowered part so he can step in and out effortlessly.

However,  there are better options out there when it comes to support. This Frisco does not contain orthopedic material, but polyester filling that is more likely to lose its shape and be torn or scratched on the outside. It’s also more likely to happen because this bed does not have a removable cover, so if you follow the machine washing directions even on the gentlest cycle, it could compromise the shape and durability. But all in all, it is a wallet-friendly and cute dog bed that your Dachshund can easily love.


  • Home decor-friendly
  • Economical
  • Soft sleeping surface
  • Machine-washable
  • Free shipping on orders over $49


  • Medium and large sizes only
  • More delicate than other beds

Frisco Steel-Framed Elevated Dog Bed

Key Features:

  • Elevated and cooling
  • Tough steel frame
  • PVC-coated surface
  • Three sizes
  • Assembly required

Best Elevated Dog Bed For Dachshunds – Everyone loves a hammock in the summer, and your Dachshund might be no different! If he is in need of a summer lounge spot that is sturdy, water-resistant and easy to keep clean, you’ve found it! This Frisco option is a very affordable way to help keep your Doxie cool, as it keeps him off the hot ground and the area around his body breathable. It’s also mess-resistant, as the surface is PVC-coated.

This is a good bed for hanging out in the backyard together, but you should probably get him a different all-nighter bed, as there is no orthopedic support or warming on this one. The coloring is also probably more outdoors-minded, as it comes only in brown. But it’ll be perfect for camping and patio fun, and still a bed worth considering.


  • Cooling canvas
  • Stink and mess-resistant PVC coating
  • Sturdy
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Outdoors friendly


  • Non-orthopedic
  • One color option

Chuckit! Travel Pillow Dog Bed

Key Features:

  • Nylon and suede materials
  • Portable
  • Convenient
  • One size

Best Travel Dog Bed For Dachshunds – The great thing you may have witnessed about Dachshunds is that they’re very portable themselves! Since they’re fairly low key, calm, and small, they go so many places with their owners. If yours is lucky enough to go camping, RVing, or road tripping with you, you’ve likely been looking for a convenient and packable bed for your Doxie. The Chuckit! travel pillow dog bed is handy that way; it rolls out when needed for sleep, can be put in a variety of places and surfaces, and is easy put back into a convenient stuff sack.

Since it doesn’t take a lot of room in your storage, it’s not the biggest name in support for your Dachshund. Therefore, it’s ideal for shorter trips and limited space, but not advisable for constant use for long periods. However, it’s budget-friendly and a great size for small dogs, so if you need a super portable bed, it’s the one.


  • Travel-friendly
  • Budget-friendly
  • Quick and easy washing and drying
  • Convenient carry sack
  • Small dog-friendly


  • One size only
  • Limited support

Best Friends by Sheri, The Original Calming Shag Vegan Fur Donut Cuddler Cat & Dog Bed

Key Features:

  • Round nest shape
  • Plush vegan lining
  • Calming shape
  • Polyfill filling
  • Self-heating

Best Calming Dog Bed For Dachshunds – With small dogs being more anxiety-prone than other dogs, consider getting your Dachshund a nest-shaped bed. Because of its round design, in times of stress, your dog can burrow, cuddle, and nest to his hearts’ content. Plus, if he has shorter fur, this Sheri bed is also self-warming and cozy with its vegan shag lining.

The drawbacks of this Sheri bed lie in the cleaning; while the company says it’s machine-washable, you have to put the entire bed in the washing machine. This could damage the polyfilled shape over time. It’s also not optimal in its support, as it’s orthopedic memory foam-free.


  • Affordable in small sizing
  • Free shipping over $49
  • Self-soothing
  • Self-warming
  • Soft and cozy interior


  • Polyfill interior
  • Cleaning challenged

7 Other Top Rated Dachshund Dog Beds

FurHaven NAP Deluxe Memory Foam Pillow Dog Bed

Thank goodness for insulating memory foam and durable oxford polycanvas. The combo makes this FurHaven both soft and plush for your Doxie to sleep on, but also hardy enough to cradle your dog’s body and relieve any pressure. Plus, it’s laminated with mess-resisting medical-grade polyurethane. The cover is removable and machine washable, and the FurHaven sizing ranges from small to jumbo plus.

Brentwood Home Griffith Pet Bed

No matter what age your Dachshund is, he deserves nontoxic materials, and the Griffith pet bed delivers. It’s safe, comes in three color/material options for your designing pleasure, and has high-quality CertiPUR-US certified foams that Griffith puts in their human mattresses. It features a top layer of high-density memory foam, plus an orthopedic support base for extra oomph. Griffith offers a three-year warranty and free returns, as well.

Sleepez Latex Dog Mattress

SleepEZ has the ultra-cushy dog mattress secret: Dunlop latex. Not only is it hypoallergenic, breathable, and highly supportive, it’s also eco-friendly. It breaks down quicker in landfills than other dog beds. The exterior organic cotton cover is also quite special. It’s removable and machine-washable, but also has fireproofing properties. SleepEZ states on their site that you can expect this bed to last a whopping five to seven years!

WFH High Memory Fiber Bed

WFH strived to make their beds both beautiful and functional, and its lovely microvelvet cover gives it the beauty part. Though it only comes in one color, it’s soft and plush, a treat for any dog to sleep on. WFH doesn’t offer memory foam in its bed, but it does have fiber filling that offers decent support in the two cushion design. Plus, the top cushion is zippered down, meaning your Dachshund can’t tear it off and destroy it. It is a pricier option, but if you’re shopping for a visual pleaser, look no further.

Tall Tails Dream Chaser Charcoal Donut Bed

This is another perfect bed for your Dachshund who is more nervousness-prone, as this Tall Tails bed is a nest shape that provides a “happy place” during times of stress. It’s specifically made for dogs under 25 pounds, so it should be a cozy place for just about any Doxie. Plus, those in temperature-varying climates can flip this bed from one warming side to the other that keeps dogs cool. Add in its removable, machine-washable cover, and it’s a great fit for anxious little pups.

Layla Memory Foam Pet Bed

“Flippable firmness” is the name of the game for this Layla bed, as it’s two beds in one! One side is a flatter, firmer surface, and the other is a textured, more breathable side that will tend towards a cooler experience. The Layla bed is infused with sanitary copper that will further help keep your Doxie cool and comfy, and has a removable, machine-washable cover and durable bedding. Let your dog try it for himself for a full 30 days with free shipping and a one year warranty.

Wild One Dog Bed

This is a high end bed with memory and support foam, a double-layer of polyweave cover, and a PVC liner that will keep accidents out of the core. The Wild One boasts of a tiered foam interior, snuggle-worthy side rails. It passes on the orthopedic front, and is durable enough to last for a long time on wear and tear. With a non-slip base and three side rail design, it’s also very accessible for Doxie’s little legs.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the best type of dog bed for a Dachshund? While two 15 minute walks will help keep any weight from building up, Dachshunds do not do well with prolonged physical activity, specifically jumping or leaping, and need time to recuperate. A comfy bed with plenty of support to help your Doxie’s joints, muscles, and bones recover is very important. You will want to take the tension off his back and small legs fairly frequently.
  2. Do orthopedic dog beds really help for Labradors? Orthopedic beds can make all the difference for Dachshunds, as they can face tons of joint-related problems, such as hip and elbow dysplasia, as well as severe back problems. Making sure you get him an orthopedic bed can help preserve these vulnerable spots and prevent deterioration or provide pain relief in existing conditions. Talk to your vet about the vest option possible for your Dachshund.
  3. Do Dachshunds need comfy beds? Absolutely! Dogs can spend anywhere between 12 and 14 hours a day sleeping, making his bed the likely place for him to spend the majority of his day. You want him to have the best option possible that will help keep him healthy and prevent any issues from developing.
  4. Is memory foam toxic to Dachshunds? When people or animals sleep on memory foam, it is not a threat, which is why it’s found everywhere in high-end sleep stores. Regardless, memory foam is not edible! It is made of synthetic ingredients like polyurethane and added toxic chemicals. Therefore, for just sleeping on memory foam beds, they are a safe choice, but always keep an eye on your dog and never leave her unsupervised with his memory foam bed, especially while he’s young.


Despite all of the extra considerations that a Dachshund owner must take (including how to properly spell their breed name!), “weiner dogs” are so worth it! Though they need those specific properties to give them the best and longest lives possible, when you look into his big, loving eyes and see that happily-wagging tail after he rests in his perfect dog bed, you will know that you’re doing a great job as a pet parent.

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