11 Best Persian Cat Brushes in 2023 

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You may know from personal experience that the more hair you have, the more difficult it is to manage. The longer your hair grows, the more you have to worry about tangles which means frequent brushing and more time in the shower. You won’t see your cat volunteering to take a shower any time soon, but if you have a long haired cat like the Persian, you can expect to spend a good deal of time grooming.

In this article, we’ll talk about the grooming requirements for the Persian cat breed and provide tips for brushing and bathing your cat. You’ll also see our top picks for the best brush for long haired cats.

Persian Breed Grooming Requirements

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The Persian cat breed is known for its long, thick fur. These cats come in a variety of colors and patterns, each of them more stunning than the next. A Persian cat in all its glory is certainly a sight to behold but it isn’t easy to keep this breed looking its best. With just a few days of neglect, a Persian’s coat can turn into a mess of tangles that isn’t just unsightly – it can be painful for your cat. If you plan to own a Persian cat, you should be prepared to handle the grooming requirements of the breed.

Here’s a quick overview of grooming requirements for Persian cats: 

  • Daily brushing (at least 3x per week)
  • Bathing every 4 to 6 weeks
  • Trimming nails every 1-to-2 weeks
  • Cleaning ears once a week
  • Conditioning coat as needed
When it comes to grooming your Persian cat, it’s easy to focus on how much time and effort it requires. You need to remember, however, that it’s part of your responsibility as a cat owner. More than that, it’s a great opportunity to spend time with your cat! Start when your Persian is a kitten to ensure the process becomes as seamless as possible.

Grooming Tips for Persian Cats

Brushing your Persian cat is absolutely essential to keep his coat in good condition. You’ll need to brush him at least three times a week, but daily is even better. Before bathing, you’ll need to use a wide-toothed comb to detangle the coat and work through any mats you find. You may want to keep a dematting comb for long haired cats on hand as well, just in case you find a large or stubborn mat.

Once your cat’s coat has been combed out, run a brush through it to remove excess fur. Look for a brush with long, fine teeth or bristles that can reach through the topcoat into the undercoat where dead hair tends to accumulate. The more hair you remove from your cat’s coat before bathing, the less you’ll find in your drain after the bath is over. It will also help make sure the shampoo reaches his skin.

Here are some handy tips for bathing your Persian cat: 

  1. Fill the sink or bathtub with a few inches of lukewarm water – use a towel or silicone mat on the bottom to give him something to grip with his feet.
  2. Use a hand sprayer or a cup to thoroughly wet your cat’s coat, avoiding his ears and face.
  3. Mix your preferred cat shampoo with water and pour it over your cat, working it into a lather in his coat – applying undiluted shampoo to your Persian’s coat could make it difficult to rinse.
  4. Thoroughly rinse your cat’s coat to remove all of the shampoo residue.
  5. Drain the sink of soapy water and rinse the cat’s coat again – repeat as needed until you’re confident you’ve gotten rid of all the shampoo.
  6. Gently squeeze the excess water from your cat’s coat and pat dry with a clean towel.
  7. Dry the coat the rest of the way with a pet dryer – don’t use a hair dryer, it could burn your cat.
  8. When the coat is almost completely dry, comb it out to detangle.

Now that you have a better understanding of your Persian cat’s grooming requirements, you’re ready to start shopping for supplies like the perfect cat brush. Read on to see our top picks for the best brushes for long haired cats like your Persian.

The Top 11 Best Brushes for Persian Cats

Every cat is different, and it will take time for you to get to know your Persian’s coat. You’ll start to get a feel for how quickly the oil from his skin starts to accumulate and how often you need to bathe him to keep it under control. The earlier you start grooming your cat, the more he’ll get used to it and it will become less of a struggle. Keeping a pocket full of treats will be helpful as well!

Now, here are our top picks for the best Persian cat brush: 

FURminator deShedding Edge Cat Brush

Keeping your Persian cat’s coat healthy is your top priority, but it doesn’t hurt if you can reduce shedding at the same time. This FURminator deShedding Edge Cat Brush is the perfect option because it is extremely effective in removing loose hair. Used regularly, this cat brush decreases shedding by 90%. It reaches deep into your cat’s undercoat, working better than other rakes and combs, and it comes with an ergonomic handle that fits comfortably and securely in your hand.

Pros: Reduces shedding up to 90% with regular use, curved edge for comfort, ergonomic grip handle

Cons: May take time to learn how to use it, may tug on mats and tangles

Safari Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush for Cats

Removing dead fur from your cat’s coat is the key to reducing shedding and preventing mats. This Safari Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush for Cats is an excellent tool for the job, made with fine stainless-steel pins that reach through the topcoat to the undercoat beneath. This brush is particularly unique because it has a self-cleaning feature – simply press the button to retract the pins and discard the accumulated hair. This slicker brush also has a comfort grip handle for optimal control and minimal hand fatigue.

Pros: Retractable pins for easy cleanup, gentle stainless-steel pins, comfort grip handle

Cons: Some cats dislike the feel of the pins

Four Paws Magic Coat Mat Remover for Cats

Each time you brush your Persian cat, you shouldn’t be surprised to find new mats and tangles. Having a mat remover on hand is an absolute must and this Four Paws Magic Coat Mat Remover is a great option. This dematting comb for long haired cats features a double row of sturdy stainless-steel pins that make it easy and painless to work through mats. The non-slip grip gives you optimal control and the brush head is perfectly sized to target mats and to reach sensitive areas.

Pros: Double row of stainless-steel pins, ergonomic grip handle, designed for tangles and mats

Cons: May take time to learn how to use it, some cats dislike it

Babyliss Pro Pet 3-Way Multi Pet Comb

Every Persian cat owner needs a good wide-toothed comb to work through mats and tangles. If you’re trying to limit the number of grooming tools you have to buy, this Babyliss Pro Pet 3-Way Multi Pet Comb is a great solution. This stainless-steel pet comb is highly durable and it features rounded teeth set at different spacings so you can choose the best one for the job at hand.

Pros: Varied spacing between the teeth, durable stainless-steel materials, long teeth

Cons: Use with caution to avoid puncturing the skin

Dakpets FURblaster Deshedding Light Trimming Tool for Long Hair

If you’re looking for a way to reduce the burden of constantly cleaning up your cat’s fur, this Dakpets FURblaster Deshedding Light Trimming Tool for Long Hair might be what you need. This deshedding tool reduces shedding by up to 90% by lightly trimming the undercoat and removing loose hair. It features an ergonomic handle and is easy to use, plus it has a quick-release button to remove the comb for cleaning. With a sturdy, stainless-steel blade that resists rust, it’s also highly durable.

Pros: Reduces shedding up to 90%, lightly trims the undercoat, stainless-steel rust-proof blade

Cons: May pull on tangles and mats with improper use

Safari Complete Cat Brush

Why choose between a bristle brush and a wire pin brush when you can have the best of both worlds? This Safari Complete Cat Brush is a great option if you’re looking for a soft cat brush for everyday use. It features long plastic-tipped pins interspersed with firmer bristles to loosen tangles while removing dead fur from the undercoat. It’s an affordable and practical option for Persian cat owners.

Pros: Incorporates pins and bristles, comfort grip handle, gentle on sensitive skin

Cons: May be difficult to remove accumulated hair

JW Coarse Pet Comb

If you prefer a pet comb with a handle, this JW Coarse Pet Comb is a good option. Affordably priced and durably constructed, this comb is made with sturdy stainless-steel teeth turned at a 90-degree angle from the handle to prevent raking your cat’s skin. The strong teeth are perfect for loosening mats and tangles to keep your Persian cat’s coat shiny and smooth.

Pros: Durable stainless-steel teeth, ergonomic handle for comfort, teeth angled to prevent raking

Cons: Some users found the teeth too sharp

Hertzko Long Blade Dog & Cat Dematting Comb

Mats are a constant battle for Persian cat owners, so you’ll be glad to have this Hertzko Long Blade Dog & Cat Dematting Comb by your side. This dematting comb features long, rust-resistant, stainless-steel blades with rounded ends which are perfect for sensitive skin. They reach deep into your cat’s coat, relying on the sharp edges to cut through even the toughest mats without hurting your cat. The ergonomic handle pairs perfectly with the thumb rest for comfort and a secure grip.

Pros: Rust-resistant stainless-steel blades, ergonomic grip and thumb rest

Cons: May take time to learn how to use

Li’l Paws Coated Tips Cat Slicker Brush

Many slicker brushes are made with straight teeth which, if used incorrectly, can scratch or puncture your cat’s skin. This Li’l Paws Coated Tips Cat Slicker Brush features flexible, plastic-tipped teeth which contour to the shape of your cat’s body for safety and comfort. This brush massages your cat’s skin to help distribute the natural oils evenly over his coat while removing dead and loose hair.

Pros: Plastic-tipped bristles for gentle feel, small size perfect for kittens

Cons: Some users found the small size awkward to use

Safari Bristle Cat Brush

A good bristle brush is a great tool for Persian cat owners because it will help remove loose hair and restore shine to your cat’s coat. This Safari Bristle Cat Brush is an affordable option perfect for everyday brushing. It features soft, flexible nylon bristles that contour to your cat’s body and they aren’t too closely spaced. The handle is padded for comfort and optimal control.

Pros: Soft flexible nylon bristles, bristles aren’t too closely spaced, padded handle

Cons: May not be effective to remove tangles

Hartz Groomer’s Best Combo Brush

The best way to keep your Persian’s coat in good condition is to brush it every day. If you take just a few minutes a day, you’ll save time struggling with mats and tangles. This combo brush from Hartz is a great everyday brush for long-haired cats because it features long wire pins on one side and closely spaced bristles on the other. Use the pins to detangle and remove loose hair and the bristle side to add shine.

Pros: Wire pin and bristle brush in one, comfort grip handle, designed for comfort and safety

Cons: May be too large for some cats

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do you need to have a Persian cat professionally groomed? There’s never a requirement to have your cat professionally groomed – it just depends how much work you’re willing to do yourself. Persian cats have long, beautiful coats that require a fair degree of maintenance. In addition to daily brushing, your cat will need monthly baths and you’ll have to check him often for mats and tangles. Unless you’re willing to care for your cat’s coat properly, you may want to consider another breed. That being said, there’s no harm in letting a professional do it from time to time. You can expect to pay about $50 to have your Persian groomed.
  2. How often should you brush a Persian cat? Plan to brush your Persian cat at least three times a week. Regular brushing is the key to keeping your cat’s coat tangle-free – if you go too long without brushing, a tangle can turn into a mat and it can be very difficult (even painful) to remove. Brushing your cat daily is the best option, but it’s understandable that you may not be able to do it every day.
  3. How often should you bathe a Persian cat? How frequently you need to bathe your cat depends on how well your cat grooms himself and the condition of his coat. If your cat does a good job keeping himself clean and he doesn’t suffer from any skin problems, you’ll only need to bathe him every 4 to 6 weeks. Don’t go too much longer because long-haired cats like Persians tend to accumulate oil at the base of their coat which can trap dirt, dander, and other debris which might irritate the skin.
  4. What’s the best shampoo for bathing Persian cats? To keep your Persian cat’s coat healthy and clean, you may need to bathe him as often as once a month. Unfortunately, this breed tends to hate water which can make bath time a challenge. If you want to go as long as possible between baths, consider a waterless shampoo. These no-rinse formulas help remove tangles while conditioning the coat, making them an excellent addition to your Persian’s grooming routine. Whatever shampoo you choose, make sure it is formulated specifically for cats.

Maintaining your Persian’s coat isn’t easy, but you’ll get the hang of it. The best thing you can do is establish a routine for daily brushing and monthly bathing. Keep a ready stock of your favorite bathing products and grooming supplies so you’ll always have them when you need them. If you’re still looking for the best cat brush for Persian cats, check out our recommendations above!

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