13 Best Toys For Pomeranians in 2021

If you own a Pomeranian, you know that they are highly energetic, sassy, and playful dogs. Even when they are older, Pomeranians are still more active than many other breeds. Sometimes, their need for exercise can be exhausting for you as an owner. However, exercise does not always mean running around or going for walks. Did you know that playing with toys is considered a form of doggy exercise?

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Chuckit Ball

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Hide N’ Slide

  • Solidly Built
  • Elevated Play
  • Stimulating Puzzle Toy

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KONG Cozie

  • Plush toy for comfort
  • Minimal stuffing

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Pomeranians are naturally anxious dogs. They can very quickly become stressed due to the slightest changes around them. Playing is a great way to relieve this stress. Think about humans – most of us like to engage in an activity or exercise that we enjoy when we feel stressed out or anxious. Dogs are very much the same. The best toys for Pomeranians are those that are stimulating and will spark their curiosity. Poms love to learn, and they do not want to be bored.

Different types of toys for Pomeranians

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  • Tennis balls – Chasing a ball is the perfect way to rid your Pomeranian of his or her excessive energy. Tennis balls are a classic favorite among dogs. With all the variations of balls out there, there are endless options to keep your pet interested. When choosing a ball, make sure that it is small enough to suit their mouth but not too small that it will be a choking hazard.
  • Chew toys – Poms may have tiny teeth, but that does not mean that they are not strong and sharp. Whether your dog is still a puppy or an adult, Pomeranians love to chew on everything. Instead of having them ruining your shoes or your hairbrush, offering them a range of chew toys will give them an option to let out their energy and frustrations.
  • Frisbees – Again, because Poms have a lot of energy, running around and chasing something is a beneficial activity for them. Frisbees are not for all dog types, but Pomeranians tend to thoroughly enjoy them. They generally weigh anything from three to seven pounds, and their light physique makes jumping easier and allows them to run fast. Playing fetch with a frisbee will keep them in shape and provide hours of fun.
  • Squeakers – Pomeranians are known to be loud barkers. They are clearly huge fans of noise. Having a squeaker toy keeps them interested and fascinated. It helps them to stay alert and increases their focus.
  • Interactive Toys – Interactive toys have a wide range of benefits for your Pomeranian. They are designed to captivate your pup’s attention and keep him or her busy. With Poms easily becoming bored, these kinds of toys will spark their curiosity and serve as a distraction to them. Interactive toys have proven to help with separation anxiety, and they can even help dogs who struggle with fast-eating. Of course, for your dog, the best part about these toys is that they contain treats!
  • Puzzle Toys – Because Pomeranians are so intelligent, physical stimulation alone is not enough for them. Their brains need to be challenged often. Puzzle toys make your pup think. This can help to improve behavioral problems and make training your dog easier. Plus, all that thinking will definitely burn a lot of energy.
  • Plush toys – Sometimes Pomeranians can be quite aggressive when confronted by other dogs. They feel as though they have to be extra protective because they are so tiny. As strange as it may sound, having plush toys does not only provide relief for their frustrations or even itching teeth, it also teaches them to socialize. Whether it is made to look like a dog or any other animal, they often grow to love their plush toys.

Top-Rated Toys For Pomeranians

Nina Ottoson By Outward Hound’s Hide ‘n Slide Puzzle Game

Key Features:

  • Seven compartments to place different treats in for your dog
  • Flipper-like sliders for your dog to move around in search of treats
  • Easy-to-clean plastic
  • Rubber underneath to keep the puzzle board in one place

Best Overall – Who said dogs cannot play brain games? This puzzle is highly stimulating and can keep your dog busy for hours. Because Poms need lots of mental stimulation, this is a great toy for them. All you need to do to create endless fun for your dog is place treats in the different compartments. Your dog will learn to slide each one open to find the treats. To challenge your pet, place treats in only one or two compartments and allow them to search for it.


  • This toy is very intriguing to dogs and will keep them busy for a long time.
  • Each piece is built to be durable enough to handle lots of play.
  • The pieces are elevated, which means that the game was designed to make it easier for smaller dogs with shorter noses to pick up each piece.
  • This game is mentally and physically stimulating.


  • Some parts are small, so you will need to keep an eye out to make sure that your dog does not try to swallow them and choke.

Chuckit! Ultra Rubber Ball Tough Dog Toy

Key Features:

  • Comes with two balls in a pack
  • Bright orange and blue colors
  • Highly durable material
  • Extra thick rubber core

Best Value – This is definitely not just any doggy ball. The Chuck It! Ultra Rubber Ball is highly durable and bounces off of all surfaces. The fact that it is extra bouncy means that your Pom will have more fun running around and chasing it.

The Ultra Rubber Ball comes in a two-pack. There are also two different sizes available (small and medium). The smaller option is perfect for Pomeranian’s mouths, and the bounce factor ensures that they will be burning loads of energy.


  • The ball can be used on any surface – water, grass, tar, etc.
  • It comes in bright colors to make it easier for your dog to see and find the ball.
  • There is an option for a smaller sized ball, which is ideal for Pomeranians.
  • The material is highly durable and of excellent quality, and the ball will be able to withstand a lot of playing and biting.


  • The color of these balls is known to fade quickly in the sun.

KONG Cozie Marvin the Moose Plush Dog Toy

Key Features:

  • Extra layer of material for added strength
  • Minimal stuffing is used
  • Three available sizes
  • Comes with a squeaker inside
  • Soft fur on the outside

Best Plush – Most dogs love having a stuffed friend to play with, and Pomeranians are no exception. This adorable plush animal is specifically made to withstand hours of playing and chewing. It has an extra layer of material so that it is harder for your Pom to bite through. It can be used to play fetch or just for cuddles.

Marvin the Moose is available in three different sizes-small, medium, and extra-large. Once again, this is perfect for a Pomeranian as the smaller option is available to suit their body types.


  • A durable, extra layer of material makes it last longer before your pet bites through it.
  • Little stuffing is used, which means you will not have to constantly clean up fluff around the house.
  • There is a small size available for smaller breeds like a Pomeranian.
  • The squeaker inside is sure to keep your pup entertained and interested.
  • The KONG Cozie range has 10 different animals to choose from.


  • The squeaker inside is not very durable and is often broken quickly.
  • The toy is great for small dogs like Poms, but if you have bigger dogs too, it might not be a great idea to purchase it. The toy was not designed for bigger dogs, and should they get a hold of it, it might not withstand their biting.

Nylabone Teething Pacifier Puppy Chew Toy

Key Features:

  • Comes as two bone-shaped teething toys attached to a ring
  • Made from durable, thermoplastic polymer
  • Bright colored
  • Raised nubs present on each plastic bone

Best Pomeranians Puppy Toys – Much like human babies, puppies experience teething pains too. They will bite and chew whatever they can get their paws on to soothe the pain, which is why this Nylabone Teething Pacifier is a great toy.

This teething toy was created for puppies of all sizes. Your Pom will get much relief from chewing on this teething pacifier.


  • This teething toy is recommended by vets.
  • There are two teething bones on the ring, so the toy will last longer.
  • The size is suitable for Pomeranian puppies.
  • The teether does not only soothe itching gums, but it also promotes your dog’s oral health.
  • It teaches your puppy to chew on things that are made specifically for them, instead of chewing your shoes or your other household items.


  • It should be kept away from older or bigger dogs. It is not designed to endure adult dog teeth.

Trixie Activity Flip Board

Key Features:

  • Made from durable plastic
  • Assorted colors available
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Rubber underneath to prevent sliding

Interactive (Puzzle) Toy For Pomeranians – As you know, Pomeranians are a smart breed. Puzzles are an excellent way to help train them and improve their concentration. Poms are eager to learn, and while this toy will be a good challenge for them, it is also rewarding.

Treats are placed in the compartments, and each one opens differently. The chambers are made for dogs with smaller mouths to be able to access them without difficulty.


  • The activity board is sturdy and tough.
  • It is made for small dog breeds like Pomeranians.
  • There is a non-slip rubber border at the bottom that prevents the board from easily flipping over or moving around.
  • It comes with a guide that shows you different ways to make the game more challenging for your pup.


  • The puzzles may be too difficult for some dogs, but the levels can be changed and made easier.

Kong Floppy Knots Dog Toy

Key Features:

  • Variety of colors and animal types available
  • Internal material is knotted
  • Very little stuffing inside
  • Variety of textures
  • Comes with squeakers inside

Best Plush Toys For Pomeranians – The Floppy Knots plush toy is another product manufactured by KONG and is sure to make for great fun for your Pom. What sets it apart from other plush toys is that consists of knotted material put together to form an animal. This is ideal for Poms who like to destroy their furry friends because the toy will be harder to bite through and therefore last longer.

Poms do not like to be lonely, and this plush knotted animal will feel just like a friend to your dog. The different designs and animals are adorable and will be able to withstand a lot of biting, throwing, and digging in to.


  • It comes with squeakers inside for extra fun.
  • The different textures will be appealing to your pup.
  • The material is tough. The knotted rope inside reduces the chances of the toy breaking or being bitten through.
  • It contains minimal stuffing.


  • The Floppy Knots animals do not come in a variety of sizes. You will have to choose a type of animal that is smaller by design to better suit your Pom.

7 More Top Rated Toys For Pomeranians:

Pet Zone IQ Treat Dispenser Ball

Your pup will have to work hard to figure out how to get their favorite treat out of this ball. This interactive toy comes with varying levels of difficulty. It also hosts a wide range of benefits such as being mentally engaging, teaching discipline, and helping to improve eating disorders. The kibble is only released in little bits at a time, which means your pup will not be able to overeat, and it will keep him or her interested for longer.

KONG Classic Dog Toy

This is another great interactive toy that comes in all shapes and sizes. Depending on the size of your Pom, there is an extra small and small option, so this is perfect for puppies and adults alike. This toy serves as a bouncing toy and can be stuffed with treats that your pup must figure out how to obtain.

Nylabone Durachew Textured Ring

This chicken-flavored chewing ring is both a toy and a treat in one. It is made using nylon and is therefore suitable for sharp teeth and lots of chewing. It is small enough for both Pomeranian puppies and adults. The great thing about it is that it promotes oral health in dogs and can reduce the build-up of plaque. Since it tastes so good, it encourages pets to chew on appropriate toys.

KONG Squeezz Ball

The key feature of this Squeezz Ball is that it has hidden squeakers inside. They are carefully placed so as not to break even if your pup bites through the ball. It comes in a variety of bright colors that will make it easy for your dog to spot it and follow it. The only downside to this toy is that it is made in sizes large and extra-large, which could make it hard for your Pom to grasp.

Frisco Rope With Squeaking Ball

This rope and ball combination will get your Pom super excited. It has an extra loud squeaker, which might not be that appealing to you but will definitely grab your dog’s attention. The rope makes for easy throwing, and combined with the ball, gives your pet two different textures to chew on. The size is perfect for a small dog, and the toy is brightly colored.

Petstages Dogwood Tough Chew Toy

The Dogwood Tough Chew Toy looks just like a stick and is made of polypropylene and wood. It even smells like real wood to spark your pup’s curiosity. It causes less mess and is also much less harmful than actual sticks. It can float on water and, the best part is that it comes in a size that is perfect for Pomeranians – petite.

Nylabone Durachew Dinosaur Dental Chew Toy

Oral health is a significant factor when caring for your dog. Most people do not even realize this. That being said, brushing a feisty Pomeranians teeth can seem like an impossible task. This Dinosaur Dental chew toy is a fun toy for dogs, but the most important thing about it is that it cleans your dog’s teeth and reduces the build up of tartar and plaque. Also, it tastes like chicken!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is it better to buy one or two expensive, high-quality toys every once in a while, or will my Pomeranian want a larger variety? Obviously, there is nothing wrong with buying good quality toys for your Pom. They will last longer and are generally considered safer, with some even having added health benefits. However, because Pomeranians quickly become bored, having a variety is important too. They tend to quickly “get over” their toys, and once they lose interest, they will stop playing with them. If you see this happening frequently, purchase some cheaper toys too. You can always keep the more expensive ones aside and swap them out every now and then. Just be sure that the less expensive toys are still safe and do not pose any health risks to your pup.
  2. How often does my Pom need to play outside with toys? It is generally recommended that Pomeranians should go for 20-minute walks twice a day. Because they are so energetic, these should be brisk walks. But, playing fetch with a ball or frisbee is just as good an option for exercise. As a guideline, and if your schedule allows it, you could take your Pom for a walk once a day and then let him play an outdoor game such as fetch at another time of the day.
  3. Where can I purchase the toys mentioned in this article? All the toys listed above can be purchased on www.chewy.com
  4. Are these toys safe for my Pomeranian? All the toys listed above are designed to be safe for your Pom. The plush animals are made with minimal stuffing to prevent your pup from choking on or swallowing the fluff. The plastic toys are also made with durable materials that are not easily bitten off into small pieces. However, it is important to supervise your pup when he or she is playing, as these safety features can never really be guaranteed.


A Pomeranian is definitely a special and unique dog to have. Their spunky personalities will have them creeping into your heart from the moment you bring one home. They will keep you entertained all day long and provide you with heaps of enjoyment.

However, because Pomeranians are such active and energetic dogs, having lots for them to do is essential. They are born to be busy, and depriving them of the right playing materials to release their energy, could be damaging to them.

The toys listed above (and similar toys) are brilliant options to help keep your Pom on the go and ensure that they are never bored. Once they get bored, they start to act out and can often become destructive and anxious. These toys serve as a vent for all their energy and will stimulate their minds and bodies in the best way possible.

These toys are considered safe, but you should always keep an eye on your Pom when he or she is playing with them. Poms are small, and they need small toys. But, small toys sometimes mean small parts, which can be hazardous to your pup. Always be on the lookout for anything that may seem dangerous or could be a choking hazard.

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