8 Best Brushes for French Bulldogs in 2021

French bulldogs are among the world’s quirkiest pets. While they have the short nose and wrinkly charm of a bulldog, they come packaged in a much tinier body with big, batty ears.

Best Combo Brush

Hartz Groomer’s

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  • Affordable

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  • Ergonomic handle
  • FurEjector button

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Zoom Groom

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These dogs have been around since English breeders in the 1800s experimented with different crossovers of pugs, terriers, and toy bulldogs. Some of the resulting dogs with signature “bat ears” were sent to France, where they became wildly popular and quickly established as an official breed: Hence the “French” bulldog.

Today, Frenchies are popular apartment-dwelling dogs because they’re sweet and laid-back without much need for exercise. They’re known for being low-maintenance, but their short coats still need regular brushing to maintain a healthy glow.

If your Frenchie’s coat needs some attention, we reviewed the most popular products to find the best brush for French bulldog grooming.

Types of French Bulldog Brushes

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With such a wide range of dog grooming brushes on the market, it can be tough to decide which is best for your pet. It helps to understand that French bulldog brushes fall into three basic categories:

  • Bristle Brushes – As the name suggests, these brushes have soft, short bristles that glide over the very top of your dog’s coat, spreading natural oils to nourish the length of each hair. They don’t penetrate deeply into the fur, so owners of longer-haired dogs typically use them as a finishing touch after using a pin or slicker brush. Because French Bulldogs have very short, straight coats, many pet owners say this is the best dog brush for Frenchies. It smooths the top layer of the fur and is excellent at capturing loose hairs. The gentle bristles feel good on your French bulldog’s sensitive skin and leave their coat looking clean and shiny.
  • Pin Brushes – For dogs with thicker coats, it’s helpful to use a pin brush. These grooming tools have long, stiff bristles, looking almost like a hairbrush for humans. Unlike a slicker brush that penetrates the fur to the point of irritating and scratching the skin, pin brush bristles are tipped with rubber or plastic to ensure grooming is always gentle. Pin brushes are most popular for long and thick-haired dogs, but Frenchies can also benefit from grooming with these more heavy-duty brushes.
  • Slicker Brushes – Similar to a pin brush, slicker brushes have shorter, more densely packed wire bristles. This brush penetrates deeply into fur and is highly effective for removing dirt, dander, and dead hair from the thickest, toughest coats. Slicker brushes are the tool of choice for pets with long, easily matted hair. While a slicker brush has stiffer teeth than a bristle brush, they’re more flexible and usually come coated with protective plastic, so they don’t scratch or chafe the dog’s skin. You can use a slicker brush for your sensitive-skinned French bulldog if you’re looking for a deep, thorough grooming.
  • Grooming Gloves – If your dog is shy or fearful of being brushed, you may consider using grooming gloves. French bulldogs may feel more comfortable during a grooming session with these gloves because their owner mimics the petting motions they love. Meanwhile, the gloves are cleaning and smoothing their fur. The rubber bristles on grooming gloves work by combing through the Frenchie’s fur and massaging away loose hair and dirt, leaving the coat clean and shiny and the dog relaxed. The length of the bristles is ideal for French bulldog coats that rarely mat or tangle.

Understanding French Bulldog Coats

French bulldogs are known for having very short, shiny coats that feel velvety to the touch. Because they don’t need haircuts or professional grooming, many pet owners love this breed for its low-maintenance appeal. However, French bulldogs need to be bathed and brushed at home to keep their fur healthy and clean.

Like all dog breeds, Frenchies go through shedding seasons in the spring and fall when they lose more of their fine hairs. Most French bulldogs have a single-layer coat, which means they easily get cold in the winter. Some varieties, such as the brindle, have a double-layered coat that makes regulating the dog’s temperature more challenging in hot weather.

Here are some basic tips for brushing French bulldog coats:

  • Aim to brush once a week — Brushing too frequently could lead to brush burn or red and irritated skin on your French bulldog.
  • Pay attention to skin folds — Frenchies have wrinkles and rolls around their faces, where they can develop skin fold dermatitis. During each grooming session, you should move the wrinkles to brush underneath and around the skin folds. Clearing away buildups of yeast, moisture, and bacteria will keep your dog’s coat healthy.
  • Use long strokes — You risk giving your dog brush burn if you use short, repeated strokes on one area of the skin. Try to brush in one long, gentle line from head to toe.
  • Groom outdoors — Brushing releases trapped loose hairs from the coat. French bulldog hairs are so fine that they may not stick to the brush as they come off, so you want to make sure the excess hair doesn’t spread around your living space.
  • Use positive reinforcement — You can show your French bulldog that grooming is a good habit by rewarding it with treats and praise. This way, even a pooch who shies away from the brush may look forward to grooming sessions over time.

Overall Best Brushes for French Bulldogs

Choosing the best brush for French bulldog grooming depends on your pet’s lifestyle. Whether your Frenchie likes to romp in the mud or sheds its thick hair all over your couch, we rounded up all of our top picks for the best French bulldog hair brush.

Furminator Short Hair Dog Deshedding Tool

Key Features:

  • 1.5″ Stainless steel blades
  • Curved edge
  • Ergonomic handle
  • FurEjector button

Best Overall – Of all the dog brush options, the Furminator Short Hair Dog Deshedding Tool is a clear winner. Although its stainless steel comb looks intimidating at first, it’s very delicate on your dog’s skin. The rounded edge contours to the body for a gentle grooming experience. It’s comfortable for the groomer, too. The ergonomic handle fits perfectly into your grip.

Simply put, this is the best dog brush for Frenchies. It glides through both the topcoat and undercoat, so French bulldogs with double-layered coats get a thorough brushing too. The comb removes all loose hairs, leaving the coat soft and shiny.


  • Durable build
  • Comfortable design for dog and groomer
  • Penetrates topcoat and undercoat


  • Blades could irritate the skin if used incorrectly.

Hartz Groomer’s Best Combo Dog Brush

Key Features:

  • Dual-action brush sides
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Safety-tipped pins
  • Nylon bristles

Best Combo Brush –  If you’re looking for a French bulldog hairbrush that delivers results on a budget, HARTZ Groomer’s Best Combo Dog Brush packs two grooming methods into one tool. You can use the rubber-tipped pins on one side for a deep brushing, then switch to the nylon bristles on the other side for a smoothing finish.

The brush’s handle fits comfortably in your grip for a long grooming session using both sides of the tool. You don’t have to worry about irritating your pet’s skin with the safety rubber and gentle bristles on this brush.


  • Lightweight
  • Low-cost
  • Multiple brush options


  • Cheaper plastic material

Zoom Groom Multi-Use Brush

Key Features:

  • Multi-use for grooming and shampooing
  • Massaging teeth
  • Rubber material
  • USA-made

Most Popular  – The lion’s share of pet owners says that the best brush for French bulldog hair is the Zoom Groom Multi-Use Brush. It’s a rubber tool that gently massages your pooch’s coat, pulling out dead hairs and stimulating hair follicles to promote healthy new growth. The rubber teeth are gentle on the skin, so you don’t have to worry about irritating your pet.

This USA-made brush can also function as a shampooing tool. After applying shampoo in the bath, you can use gentle circular motions to work the product into your French bulldog’s coat. Dogs look forward to a massage from this brush because it feels as great as being stroked and patted.


  • Non-irritating
  • Stimulates hair growth
  • Useful for shampoo
  • Pulls out loose fur


  • May not take out all the loosened hair

Other Top Rated Brushes for French Bulldogs

If you’re still looking for the perfect French bulldog grooming brush, here are more of our favorites:

Frisco Cat & Dog Bristle Brush

This Frisco brush has a comfortable grip and soft bristles that are gentle enough to use with dogs and even cats. It smooths the coat and distributes the oils that make your French bulldog’s coat shiny and healthy.

The brush is multi-useful for breeds of all coat lengths, although it may not comb through to the undercoat of a double-layered Frenchie. By smoothing gently over the surface in the direction of fur growth, you can clear away dirt and loose hairs without irritating your pet’s skin.

Petkin Soft Grip Bamboo Two-Sided Dog Brush

If you’re on the hunt for a two-sided brush with a lightweight design, this brush from Petkin has an elegant, durable bamboo material with a soft-grip rubber handle for extra control. Use the dual-sided pin and bristle brushes to give your Frenchie’s coat the most thorough grooming.

Pin brushes are most effective for long-haired dogs, but you can use this tool on your French bulldog thanks to the round-tipped massaging pins that don’t scratch the skin. Your Frenchie can enjoy non-irritating grooming followed by a smoothing bristle brush that adds shine to its healthy fur.

Frisco Slicker Dog Brush

Interested in trying a slicker brush for your French bulldog? This Frisco dog brush has shorter pins than a regular pin brush, with a plastic coating on each for extra gentleness. If your Frenchie likes to roll in the mud, you may want to use a heavy-duty tool like this to remove mats and clumps of dirt.

The plastic brush comes with a cushioned rubber handle to give both groomers and pets a comfortable brushing session. By brushing with long strokes in the direction of fur growth, you can pull out loose hair, dust, and dander without scratching the skin under your French bulldog’s short coat.

Peanut’s Hand Gloves

These gloves are the perfect solution for pets who recoil at the sight of a grooming brush. Each mesh glove fastens around your wrist with an adjustable band, meaning you can groom your French bulldog just by petting it with your hands. The rubber tips on the palms massage the dog’s fur, smoothing the coat and brushing away loose hair and dirt.

You can use the grooming gloves on wet or dry fur, so they’re multi-purpose for bathtime. The rubber tips are so gentle on the skin; this may be the best brush for shy French bulldogs learning to love grooming.

Hartz Groomer’s Best Slicker Dog Brush

Lastly, this slicker brush from HARTZ Groomer’s Best makes our list for its excellent quality at an affordable price point. The fine bristles pick through your French bulldog’s short coat to brush away every piece of grime and smooth out matted fur. Meanwhile, the protective coating on each pin won’t irritate the skin.

The brush’s comfortable handle won’t tire out your hands during thorough grooming sessions. You can use a slicker brush for dogs of all coat lengths, so it’s able to tackle Frenchies with double-layered coats as well as fine single-layer coats.


If you’ve still got some questions about brushes for your Frenchie, take a look at these frequently asked questions.

  1. Do French Bulldogs Shed? Although these dogs have short single-layer coats, French bulldogs shed their fur just like every other breed. They lose the most hair during the spring and fall seasons, so you can prevent messes in your home all year long by regularly brushing loose hairs from your dog’s coat.
  2. How Often Does My French Bulldog Need to be Brushed? In most cases, it’s best to brush your French bulldog once a week. If your dog gets a lot of outside playtime in the mud and dirt, you may brush slightly more often to knock extra dust and debris out of its coat.
  3. Can I Over-Brush My French Bulldog? Yes, you can over-brush these dogs. French bulldogs are known to have sensitive skin, and too much friction from grooming can result in brush burn. Because their hair is so short and fine, you should use a gentle brush once a week—twice, at the most—to avoid irritating their skin.
  4. How Often Should I Bathe My French Bulldog? Bathing frequency depends on your dog’s lifestyle and behavior. If you have an active French bulldog who loves rolling in mud, you may need to bathe it a few times per month. Indoor dogs who don’t get as dirty can get away with just one or two baths a year.


By brushing your French bulldog regularly with the right tool for the job, you can reduce the amount of loose dog hair that piles up around your home. A weekly session with a pin, bristle, or slicker brush cuts down on pet dander, which will ease the number of allergens in the air.

Best of all, brushing your Frenchie will keep its coat shiny and healthy by spreading nourishing oils from the root to the tip of each hair. Luckily, there is a wide range of massaging, deep-combing, and smoothing options for your French bulldog grooming brush, and though the Furminator Short Hair Dog Deshedding Tool is our top pick, your dog may require something different.

We hope our review of the best dog brush for Frenchies helps you pick the right tool for your pet. Soon, you’ll enjoy grooming sessions that are comfortable and rewarding for both you and your French bulldog.

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