8 Best Litter Boxes for Multiple Cats in 2024

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Having a multiple cat household requires more attention to how the bathroom situation works. Cats are sensitive about their privacy while eliminating, and with more than one cat around, things are much more delicate. The litter box is where everything happens and requires a particular setup.

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It can be challenging even to know what setup will work best for your cats. However, learning about the best litter box for multiple cats is an excellent starting point. Keep in mind that the space you have available and the preferences of your cats are most impactful.

Not only have we compiled a list of the best multi-cat litter boxes, but a guide to choosing the right one for your home as well.

Why Get a Multi-Cat Litter Box?

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There are many reasons and situations in which you may need a multi-cat litter box. Keeping multiple cats happy includes providing adequate room or options for each of them to do their business. The number one factor is cleanliness, followed by personal space and conflict management.

  • Odor Control and Cleanliness – You are not the only one who hates a stinky, dirty litter box. Cats are particular creatures, and their spaces need to be clean, or they will find somewhere else to go. Especially in the case of multiple cats, where more than one cat using one box adds even more waste to the area. Litter boxes in multi-cat households get dirty quickly. Keeping smells at a minimum begins with frequent and consistent cleaning. Even if you have an automatic litter box, there is still a point where you need to dispose of what piles up, so your cats have a place to go.
  • More Potty Space – Multi-cat litter boxes give your cats more space to do their business without having to be too close to another cat’s waste. It also feels more sanitary to them. Filling up more slowly is always a plus for you, as well. A litter box for a multi-cat household should also ideally not take up too much of your space either. Some compromise from both you and your cats may be necessary. Whether you give up a section of the room or your cats share a box, something may have to shift one way or another.
  • Litter Box Aggression – Using the bathroom is a private, vulnerable moment for cats. With more than one cat in the house, a more territorial cat may force other cats into the litter box or approach while doing their business. To avoid this, having more litter boxes as well as larger ones can calm the tension tremendously. There can be litter box problems even without the litter box’s involvement. Some cats may avoid the litter box to prevent conflict, making them find somewhere else to go. Litter boxes should be accessible, and a larger one made for multiple cats can be enough to discourage disagreements if done efficiently.

Types of Litter Pans for Multi-Cat Households

For deciding between the different types of litter boxes, multiple cats need extra consideration. Depending on the ages, health, and temperaments of your cats, some types just might not work out. Just like us, every cat has individual capabilities, likes, and dislikes.

  • Covered – Litter boxes with covers have better odor control than open-tops. If your cats prefer this or get along well, then it could be the perfect choice for you. With adequate space inside, everyone can be comfortable and have a place to do what they need. However, not all multiple-cat households may benefit from a covered litter box. Because of the development of a hierarchy, some cats may use the litter box to intimidate other cats and their inability to escape to their advantage. It is essential to consider your cats’ temperaments when choosing a litter box type.
  • Automatic Litter Box or Self-Cleaning Litter Box – If you are busy or have trouble keeping up with the waste for any reason, a litter box that does the cleaning itself can be a huge help. Moving waste out of the way gives your cats more space and saves you from doing it so often. Unfortunately, some cats do not mesh well with these types. Most cats do get used to the noise, but some will find it impossible to. In the latter case, it is especially ideal to have multiple litter boxes around the house. If you skittish cats, putting it out of their way so they can have peace of mind without worrying about it going off at random.
  • High Sided – Litter boxes with high sides are excellent for keeping litter inside the pan. This feature is significant for cats that spray or track litter as they leave. A high-sided litter box’s entrance is either hit or miss, depending on your cat’s individual needs. Older cats may prefer a lower dip, and others may need the extra height to prevent litter or urine spillage.
  • Top-Entry – Cats tend to track litter everywhere, especially if the litter box has lower sides. A way to deal with this is to have a litter pan with an entrance on the litter box’s top. Any cats that like to kick litter or with aiming problems benefit from this type, too. Elderly cats and young kittens should not use this type of litter box. The jump is not ideal, and a lower entrance is the only type to consider for them. This setback is another reason to have more than one litter box, particularly if your cats’ ages vary.

Best Litter Boxes for Multiple Cats

Finding the right litter box for multiple cats can be frustrating and time-consuming. With picky cats and uncertain interpersonal relationships, even though you know you need a solution, it can be hard to get started.  We have sifted through the many different options and picked out the top three best litter boxes for multiple cats. These litter boxes have odor control, ample space, and variety in type. Hopefully, they at least help you get an idea of what your cats need.


Key Features:

  • It uses weight sensors to recognize a cat’s presence and stops all movement when one is inside.
  • Once a cat exits, the unit waits a predetermined amount of time for clumping before using gravity to separate the litter from the waste, dumping it into a tray below.
  • It has indicators for when it needs more litter and the waste tray emptied.
  • Carbon filter acts with the closed-off waste tray to reduce odor.
  • A night light automatically comes on to improve visibility at night.

Best Overall – The Litter-Robot saves time, energy, litter and gives your cats a consistently clean place to go. Once a cat exits the unit, it waits a preset number of minutes and then slowly rocks back and forth to separate the clumped litter from the rest. Waste falls into the tray below, and the unit is ready for another cleaning cycle.  If another cat decides to hop in during the process, the unit will stop and resume once their weight is no longer detected. This automatic multi-cat litter box can detect cats that weigh at least five pounds, but kittens should avoid it for a while.


  • It keeps up with waste from three to four cats per unit.
  • Significantly reduces litter usage, for it only gets rid of soiled litter.
  • For one model, WiFi capability allows you to customize settings and track every movement and cycle in an app.


  • It is challenging to clean and takes a fair amount of time.
  • Can be glitchy, having indicator issues, cycle difficulties, or problems with the sensor sensitivity causing incorrect weight readings.
  • Some cats cannot adjust to the noise and movements.

Nature’s Miracle High Sided Litter Box

Key Features:

  • Higher walls prevent litter from scattering.
  • Has a non-stick, antimicrobial surface.
  • Adequate space for multiple cats.
  • The open-top design allows for easy cleaning.

Best Value – With an antimicrobial, non-stick surface, this multi-cat litter box is easy to clean and odor-resistant. These surface traits make for less caking and more protection from bacteria. The spout at the entrance allows for easy pouring of old litter, adding to the simplicity of cleaning it.

It is an excellent choice for cats who need a lower entrance, such as ones with arthritis. It is also spacious enough for multiple cats to use comfortably. The size and open design let you do spot cleaning with ease, and litter spillage reduces, if not eliminates.


  • Heavy-duty, high-quality plastic.
  • Lower entrance ideal for cats with problems stepping into higher pans.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Reduces litter scatter upon exit.


  • Dimensions include the handles.
  • The entrance may be too low for sprayers.

Van Ness Enclosed Cat Litter Pan

Key Features:

  • The top has a filter that includes odor-eating, replaceable charcoal to absorb smells as they go through it.
  • Available in an XL size for large or multiple cats.
  • It has an outer polish with an odor and stain-resistant finish.
  • The removable entrance flap keeps smells inside yet provides easy access and maximum privacy.

Most Popular – The extra-large size of this enclosed litter box for two or three cats keeps litter inside and provides ample space for everyone to do their business. The flap over the entrance keeps odors inside, and the filter works to get rid of the smell.

With a polished surface, this Van Ness litter pan is super easy to clean and will not retain any unpleasant odor or stain. Even if you have to remove the flap, it is good at keeping odors under control.


  • Made from 20% recycled material
  • Superior odor resistance even without the flap
  • Deep enough to prevent litter spillage


  • Latches are not always in good shape.
  • The flap can get stuck or fall off frequently and might deter some cats entirely.

Other Top-Rated Litter Boxes for Multiple Cats

The remaining five best litter boxes for multiple cats show an array of styles and features so that you know what else is out there. The best of the best will not always be what you need, and that is okay because it all comes down to what works for the cats at home and everyone’s needs.

Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Pan

This enclosed litter box is roomy for several cats to use comfortably. The door is removable, and even without it, aiming problems and litter kicking are a thing of the past. Litter stays inside, and any accidental spraying does not have far to go with the leak-free design. This litter box is an excellent pick for seniors. Anchors for the bag and litter keep things where they are supposed to be. There is also a carbon filter that you can replace to neutralize odors as they rise. With a hood that comes off with ease, cleaning is much simpler. Additionally, the flat, non-stick bottom contributes to quick cleaning.

Omega Paw Roll n’ Clean Litter Box

Self-cleaning but electricity-free, this automatic manual litter box is a huge time-saver. It saves you from scooping all the time and makes cleanup no big deal. It has a design that deposits waste into a pull-out tray when rolled onto its top. It stores the waste until you remove the tray to empty it, but it contains odors until you do.

This box uses less litter, only getting rid of waste and saving the rest. Unlike other self-cleaning litter boxes, the Roll n’ Clean makes no super surprising noises that will confuse and scare skittish cats away. Since it is so easy to clean, many cats will have no issues sharing a consistently clean litter box.

Frisco High-Sided Cat Litter Box

For a multi-cat litter box, this extra-large option is perfect for many cats to utilize. Its sides are high enough to contain messes, and the entrance is an excellent height to reduce tracking and litter spilling. The open-top design allows your cats to keep everything in sight and escape a situation if needed.

The quick and easy cleanse with soap and water is a plus, and spot cleaning is also a breeze. It is available in two colors, and the high-quality plastic keeps diggers from damaging the bottom of the pan. The litter box itself is recyclable once it has done its duty and is BPA-free for the eco-conscious cat owner.

Frisco Flip Top Hooded Corner Cat Litter Box

By fitting into practically any corner, this flip-top hooded litter box is perfect for small spaces. The hood detaches easily, and cleaning is effortless because of it. The hinged door in the front is removable, making it versatile for cats who prefer it open and yet private for those who do.

The charcoal filter helps eliminate odor before it leaves the litter box. Even though it is for small spaces, it still has plenty of room for multiple cats to use. If your cats already do not mind sharing a litter box, this space-saving corner litter box may be what your place needs.

Clevercat Top Entry Litter Box

The top-entry design of this litter box is excellent for preventing waste or litter tracking. If you have a multi-pet household, it keeps dogs at bay as well. Cats tend to get used to it quickly, and extra privacy is always a plus.

Since the opening is up on the top, it prevents any litter box troublemakers from making a mess all over the floor. There is plenty of space inside for more than one user, and keeping it clean is not difficult.

Frequently Asked Questions

Multiple cat households require extra consideration with litter boxes. Here are some common questions that may come up during your search for the best litter box for multiple cats:

  1. What Type of Litter Box is Best? In general, it is best to consider your circumstances when choosing a type of litter box. How your cats interact with each other may change your needs, mostly if litter box bullying occurs. The best type for these situations is an open-top. However, open-top litter boxes do not hold in as much odor, so there are multiple factors to assess.  Automatic litter boxes are ideal as well, but some cats may not like the sound and will not use them at all. Regardless of type, the larger the litter box is, the better in cases of multiple cats. Adequate room to do their business away from others is essential for your feline companions. It is probably best, unless your cats have the same preferences, to have various litter box types, especially if you will have multiple anyway. There is nothing wrong with a little variety in potty areas, especially with many cats and individual likes, dislikes, and personalities.
  2. Which Traits Do You Look For in a Multi-Cat Litter Box? Certain features of a litter box can make it suit your situation more than others. A few things to look out for that can affect your decision are size, odor control, accessibility, and functionality. These specifics give you an idea of the best cat litter box for your multi-cat household. Size – Not only does there need to be enough room for multiple cats to potty, but you probably want the litter box to be economical in your space as well. Take note of your cats’ height, width, and length, of the potential area you will put the litter box. Try to utilize as much of that space as you can. If you have large cats, there is no doubt that you will need a larger litter box. Large cats are another reason you may want to get multiple litter boxes, for some do not have enough space for even one cat. It may even benefit you to get creative and make a litter box yourself. With a DIY approach, you control all of the factors and can make any adjustments as needed. Odor Control – Multiple cats mean more waste, and more waste means more odor. Some litter boxes have specific attributes to prevent and get rid of the smell that others may not. For example, some covered litter boxes have filters that take in odors and eliminate them. Others may have an antimicrobial coating to target bacteria that cause the smell in the first place. Accessibility – When cats get older, they can get arthritis, making it hard to get into litter boxes with high entrances. This low entrance preference also goes for kittens who are not yet tall enough to get into some boxes. Additionally, some litter boxes may have walls too low, which does not prevent the mess of some cats that cannot aim or tend to kick or spray. Type – Cats have preferences, and what they do in their business in is an important one. You want your cats to feel comfortable using their litter box, and some cats may refuse to use a litter box that they do not like. Finding a litter box that all of your cats are comfortable with is another challenge altogether. If all else fails, a large, open-top litter box is your best bet. Functionality – Extra features on litter boxes usually also cost extra but can be worth it in the end. Whether it is self-cleaning, manual, or flushes everything away, it should suit your needs and the needs of your cats. Alternatively, if you or your cats do not need any of those features, a simple yet ideal litter pan could be all that you need.
  3. Where Should Litter Boxes Go? There are many ideal spots to put your cats’ litter box. Generally, somewhere relatively private works the best, regardless of other factors. Along with privacy, it is essential to make adequate space between each little box in the house. Your bedroom is an excellent idea because you spend time there, and it is a safe space. Closets are enclosed, dark, and provide perfect privacy. They also keep the smell away from the central areas of the house. Putting a litter box in a bathroom makes perfect sense. It is, after all, where you do your business. Cats will feel more comfortable knowing it can be their space, too. Laundry rooms are perfect for litter boxes because they are low-traffic. They are also usually colder than the rest of the house. There are some environment-related factors to consider for a litter box’s location, regardless of the room, that should contribute to your decision.  Somewhere cool is ideal because warmer temperatures promote the growth of bacteria, which, in turn, causes more odor. Keep the litter box away from where your cats eat. Quiet, low-traffic areas are best for privacy and odor reasons. Distractions can dissuade your cats from using an otherwise entirely usable litter box.  Put each litter box in a different area, preferably on separate floors. Ensure each box is far away from others to give them space.
  4. How Many Litter Boxes to Get for Multiple Cats? The general rule is that you have one litter box for every cat plus one. Understandably, that does not work out for everyone, so it is okay to have a few large, strategically placed litter boxes. Even if it is the backup litter box, they will appreciate having at least one extra litter box around. Cats do not like to share their private space, and a lot of the time, they will claim a litter box as their own. They may block other cats from using it, which is why having at least one extra is ideal. Litter boxes can also become a safe spot just for them, and if each cat has one, everyone will be happy.  Another reason to get several litter boxes is that if cats are unhappy with just one or two bathroom locations, they will go exactly where you do not want them. Ignoring the ‘one for each cat plus one’ rule can turn out badly in the end, and it is best to avoid it in the first place if you can.
  5. What is the Best Cat Litter For a Multi-Cat Home? Many cats have a preference for the material they use to eliminate. Picky cats may take priority over others if they are more likely to avoid the litter box. Of the several types of litter, at least one should please most of your cats. Cat litter with a high absorbency rate is the most crucial factor to consider when looking at a litter type. With a larger urine capacity, it means less work for you and that it is more comfortable for them. Secondly, odor control is essential with many cats in the house. These two features should be the main driving factors when deciding on cat litter.
  • Clumping – A big favorite among cat owners, clumping litter, absorbs waste and packs it all together. This litter makes clean-up super easy. It allows you to remove soiled litter with ease, keeping your litter box fresher for longer. While it does make the process easier, regular upkeep with litter level and daily cleaning is still necessary.  Clumping litter may not be ideal if you have kittens or plan to. The clumps can be tempting to eat, and the babies do not yet know any better. Supervise kittens until they learn that the litter is not food and to leave it alone.
  • Multi-Cat – Cat litter made for multiple cats has extra odor control in the form of neutralizers like baking soda. It is ideal for litter boxes with high traffic, especially if you have more than one litter box. One litter box per cat plus one is going to require a lot of kitty litter. Multi-cat litter comes in both clumping and non-clumping. Deciding between those usually comes down to cost and the preferences of the cats in the house. The more cats you have, the more litter you need and the less smelly you will want the litter box. It is all about a balance between your budget and what your cats can put up with if they are not 100 percent happy.
  • Low-Dust – The dust from refilling the litter box and general foot-traffic should be minimal. Having a lot of litter dust hanging around is not healthy for you or your cats. It can also make the whole house smell like cat litter. Taking a good look at the litter itself or some online reviews can help find out more about a litter’s dust content.
  • Lightweight – Weighing up to fifty percent less than clumping litter, lightweight litter is a great option. More comfortable to transport, it also provides excellent odor control. You can pick up the litter box with lightweight litter and move it quickly if you need to. Keep in mind that lighter litter may track more than other types. The combination of litter type and litter box type is critical, and the right one will have a significant impact on your cat’s lives and relationships.
  • Natural – Natural litter comes in both clumping and non-clumping. Ingredients may include sawdust, wheat, corn, recycled newspaper, walnut, and more. You can even make your own, but the primary components of cat litter must still be there.
  • Non-Clumping – Litter without a clumping ingredient is another option for multi-cat homes. It absorbs more urine than the clumping kind and has clay and plant alternatives. This kitty litter type is also less expensive, making it ideal for those with many litter boxes to fill. Some cats might just prefer non-clumping litter. Either way, it is essential to know that urine can pool at the bottom of the box, making cleaning a bit more challenging. This challenge is especially the case when spot cleaning, and getting to the bottom without removing the litter is no easy feat.


A lot of factors go into finding the best litter box for multiple cats. From the space in your home to how your cats interact, these factors contribute to the litter box setup best suited for your house and feline companions.

Whether from Chewy, Amazon, or the manufacturer’s website, there are ample ways to begin a search for the best litter box of your own.

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