What is Cat Grass and Why Do Cats Eat Grass?

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Have you ever heard of cat grass? What is cat grass and why do cats eat grass anyway?

Whether your cat is an indoor or outdoor cat, chances are he has already put his paws on grass, ate it, and threw it up. This may look like an odd thing to do but this behavior is common in cats and even dogs.

Is it harmful for cats to eat grass? The good news is there is simply no evidence or proof that eating grass harms cats. The reason why cats regurgitate the grass they ate is that their digestive system does not have the necessary enzymes to break the grass down.  Cat health experts even think that this behavior can be helpful for our feline friends’ digestive system.

But why do cats eat grass and how does it help them?

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Cat Grass
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Nobody likes the throwing up, but by eating grass and throwing it up, cats are helping their stomachs get rid of the indigestible matter that may be stuck in their digestive tract – thus making them feel a lot better.

For example, since cats eat their prey like birds and mice, they are consuming both edible and inedible parts of the prey’s body including feathers, bones, and fur – and they have to throw those things up. And since cats always keep themselves clean by licking their fur, their tummy may also get filled with hairballs.

Aside from lessening the risk of intestinal blockage, experts think cats eat grass and benefit from it because its juices contain folic acid, which is an essential vitamin for felines’ bodily functions including the production of hemoglobin.

Cat health experts also have a theory suggesting that grass is a natural laxative for cats and therefore counteracts cases of indigestion.

What is Cat Grass? Should you get cat grass for your cat?

Cat grass is different from catnip. Typically, cat grass is grown from barley, oat, or rye. They are often available in local pet stores. Compared to ordinary outdoor grass, growing your very cat grass is more ideal since there is a possibility that outdoor grass and plants are treated with pesticides that can harm or poison your cat.

How to Grow Cat Grass?

Cat grass is available in local pet stores and often come in a kit with instructions. But if there isn’t, this is how you can grow your very own cat grass.

  1. Keep the cat grass seeds damp – but never soaked.
  2. Wait for the sprouts to appear and when they do, use less water on them.
  3. Wait for 3 to 7 days for the seeds to fully sprout.
  4. Make sure the cat grass gets sufficient water, sunlight, and ventilation for 10 to 14 days.
  5. Once the cat grass grows at least 4 inches long, then they are ready for your cat to chew on and eat.

Cat grass often lasts for 1 to 4 weeks. Use a spray bottle when watering the cat grass. Make sure not to overwater them.

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