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Labraheeler Dog Breed Information

A Labraheeler is a mix between a Labrador Retriever and a Blue Heeler, or Australian Cattle Dog. It’s not an officially recognized breed, but this designer breed is gaining popularity thanks to the friendly and playful disposition of the Labraheeler. These dogs are active, affectionate, smart, and perfect for family life. Introduction to the Labraheeler …

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Labradane Dog Breed Information

As a man once famously said, with great power comes great responsibility. And there is no power greater and more important than that which sustains life and takes care of beings under its control. Dogs weren’t always the domesticated friends that they are today. They were once wild creatures with rabid instincts and feral mannerisms. …

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Doberdane Dog Breed Information

Proving to be lovable companions, Doberdanes check all of the boxes of friendly, loyal, obedient, and alert. Doberdane owners should be comfortable with a larger dog. While they are small as young puppies, Doberdanes grow rapidly into canine giants, albeit gentle ones. Don’t fall in love with a Doberdane puppy and expect it to stay …

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Dachshund / Corgi Mix (Dorgi) Dog Breed Information

With its rounded ears, thick legs, and distinctive fluffy butt, the dachshund-corgi mix (also known as the “dorgi” dog breed) is a new breed of designer dog that is the offspring of the Welsh corgi and the German dachshund. Although they have yet to be recognized as an official dog breed by the AKC, the …

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